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Wop on High Sierra (Groups : [PAD]Community : Forum : WoP Troubleshooting : Wop on High Sierra) Locked
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Jun 19 2019 Anchor

Hi all, and thanks for WoooooooP !!!!!!!!! :-))))

I upgrade recently my imac from 10.6.8 to 10.13.6 .

A big jump.

I re-install WOP, of course, but sadly he doesn't work anymore.

It's horrible.

I succeed in lauching it in 1.5 but after i install the patch, i have a message error "couldn't load default.csg".

I try multiple installation but always the same answer.

Does anyone have an idea of what the problem could be?

Thanks a lot.

Save me please.

Apr 7 2020 Anchor

Hi studiOmatic, sorry for answering this late but recently I received an old MacBook as a present from a friend and I could have a look at your problem. I am usually not a Mac user so a lot of stuff was confusing and new for me. But I figured out what causes the error "couldn't load default.cfg". The problem is, that the file browser Finder of MacoOS is simply not merging subfolders when you drag'n'drop content with the same structure into a target folder. If you copy the patch content the whole sub folder "wop" is replaced by the one from the patch zip file. This means, that wop001.pk3 to wop005.pk3 from the 1.5 installation is missing then and only wop006.pk3, apart from some other files from the patch, is in the folder. This leads to the error message "couldn't load default.cfg", because it is part of the wop 1.5 installation package. You need to make sure to merge the subfolders, so new files from the patch are simply added or some of the old files are overwritten by the updated versions from the 1.6 patch zip, but none of the old files should be deleted.

Apart from that I could also not get the WoP 1.6 patch running. It is simply not starting and showing a black screen. I need to do further investigation on this but I would be interested, if you could get it running by considering my hints from above.

Apr 1 2021 Anchor

I am currently working on bringing the 1.6 codebase to latest ioquake3 - a rough first version is available here: Github.com

Please note that this is not an official release.

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