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Nov 6 2020 Anchor

For some strange reason, I very rarely have been able to see "PadWorld | All Maps & Game Types" and "Hectic's fun server". When I press refresh, it briefly says "10 of 10 servers" which is correct, but I only see 8 excluding these two. Bizarrely, if I open the game twice at the same time, Hectic's server appears in the list and back on sunday, padworld all gametypes appeared using this method too. But now, I just can't see that server at all.

Here are some examples:


Here is what I see when I simply open the game once as you would expect, but I only see these 8 severs.


If I open the game again (as you can see in the tab at the bottom of the screen), Hectic's server appears, but not padworld all gametypes. Refreshing does nothing, I still only see what is on the screen.


This is what I see when I press refresh. It always says "10 of 10 servers" and though I believe that as the server browsers show them all, I just can't see them reliably.

This happened to me once before on a pad day weekend. One of the earliest ones last year. I simply couldn't see the server while I could see all the others. Although I could again see it on a server browser.

I will add that on two other computers that have wop, I can see all the servers no problem. I am aware that I have a lot of content in my wop folders, but I removed it all temporarily and set the game to default and it made no difference. I also tried removing the game files from their location in my home folder and installing the same contents from the PC that showed all the servers. Once that was set up, again, I couldn't see these servers. It is as if there is something blocking my specific PC from seeing them, but I don't see how this is possible?

Even specifying the server IP and port just says "AWAITING CHALLENGE 1 2 3 4" and forever more.

I've often been unlucky with Hectic's server for some reason. I remember one time when I was really young I was banned for a few weeks (maybe back in the 1.2 days?). And I remember hectic saying that shouldn't have happened. I think the servers don't like me! :D

Any advice? It is such a shame that I'm missing pad day because of this.




This is an example of when I use developer mode set to one which brain suggested. I can see all the IPs and ports, but the two highlighted are the two I frequently can't see or join even if I specify. But they always show up with in the console when I press refresh and have developer on. You just can't join them if you specify. For that, the only way at the moment is to open several games at once, and each one I open seems to show 1 more server at a time. Makes no sense at all.

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Nov 9 2020 Anchor

Hello Ben,

what you are describing sounds kind of like the Server is reported to exist by the master server but your client cannot reach it.

From a rough look at the code it seems to me like the server list is received from the master server, but each server is individually queried so the server browser is able to display every servers' ping.

It also seems that servers that are set as favourites are displayed either way, even if they appear "stale" to the client. That way you will see them, but you won't be able to connect to them either way.

It would be worth trying to call a traceroute on the server ip from your computer when this anomaly happens. It might just be a peering problem, and you just didn't notice it on other computers because of confirmation bias. By the time you have fired up the second WoP instance, the problem may have temporarily solved itself, giving you the illusion that it indeed helped.

If you want to have a look for yourself, I found this info in "wop/code/q3_ui/ui_servers2.c" in the sourcecode zip provided with wop.

Kind regards


Apr 4 2021 Anchor

Still have to say this is a mess, and not just on my 1 PC now but both i have wop on. And some others have reported it too. Many players now are having problems seeing this server. A work around seems to be joining opening the game more than once. If it doesn't appear with 2 running, run 3 wops.... then you should see it. I did that today but it just seems crazy that I need to do this. Something surely must not be right with this server or server browser.

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