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May 17 2019 Anchor

I just started this week with the Picture of the Week feature on the World of Padman website. So I need new footage every Sunday. Feel free to post and upload your pictures here. If it is not working, contact me or Hectic(hectic2). We manually need enable the media upload for new members first, if they want to upload media here. Also inform me about video footage. At the moment I feature the Padday videos on the website, but there will be space for others for sure. ;)

Jan 2 2020 Anchor

Hi all, it's me!

just let me wish all of you fragging and mapping and modding blue noses a fantastic 2020! It was a great pleasure yesterday, to see so many of you playing WoP, a real great Christmas and New Year holidays session. I personally connect beautifully memories with WoP, especially in the winter time, and the saga continued.

We where more than 11 hard fragging pads yesterday, and, as a special plus, i had the chance to play a lot of maps me never saw before. So, long story short:

Here's a pic:


Thanks to all of you keeping this dream alive, keeping it reality! Thanks for you Pads hosting servers and keeping WoP visible and reachable in the interwebs, porting q3 maps and still mapping in general! (-:

So, it was not much more than a feeling before, but now i'm certain: WOP NEVER DIES!

Best regards everybody, make 2020 your year, and i will still play wop 2030, and i'm sure that there will be others with a ping > 0 (-:

ps: Did anyone ever experienced WoP in VR? I Heard there's a way to get the PS4VR running on a PC...

Jan 4 2020 Anchor

Something about the first day of the year seemed to cause an explosion in wop. So many players that i hadn't seen in ages played then. And I think it has been at lease 2 years since my server has had over 10 players. Maybe even more than any server had last year other than on pad days.

Jan 5 2020 Anchor

Ben_the_PadKing yes, and the saga continues (-:

So, i hope somebody made a nice shot of us in the aquarium today, here's something in between (-:

Wow, did i really count 18 Players today? WoP hits the fan (-:

Best, me!

Jan 6 2020 Anchor

I've got you telling us you will do one! :)


And I got 19 at one point.





Edited by: Ben_the_PadKing

Jan 9 2020 Anchor

Thx guys, your pictures are super! I will post a news about it and add some of those pictures on the web site until the weekend latest.

Jan 24 2020 Anchor

Hi Kai-Li (-:

thanks a lot! that really feels great. WoP keeps being a phenomenon, really. So, without the intension to create additional work here, i love the following pics so i had to share them (-:




see you pads (-: and have a fantastic weekend (-:

Jan 28 2020 Anchor

Finally I posted the news: Worldofpadman.net

Keep on sending me pictures! I always need media for the Pic of the week feature on the website or for news posts. ;)

Jan 30 2020 Anchor

I have taken so many screenshots over the years on wop. Here are some from this and last year. Some a lot older than others. A lot include the strangest combination of head models!


I think this below is one of the best ideas we had. At least we can all survive in here now! Well, rikaki didn't put his gas mask on though :D


Ugly head models!


Beach pad looks strange in the fish tank!


Pad barbecue!


This is a really old quake 3 map from 2003. Hogwarts. A pretty low graphic version of quidditch!




Mar 4 2021 Anchor

Great pictures Ben :D

Edited by: Mhezzi_CreamSoda

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