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Feb 10 2019 Anchor


Termin: 03.03.2019, 19:00 Uhr
Servername: PadWorld | All Maps & Game Types
Serveradresse: wop.zock-server.de
Port: 27960 (standard)

Neue Konfiguration!

  • Zeitlimit wurde auf 10 Minuten reduziert. Das Punktlimit der Gametypes wurde entsprechend angepasst.
  • 8 Startleben bei LPS (+1 alle 5 Frags)


Date: 2019-03-03, 7:00pm CET
Server name: PadWorld | All Maps & Game Types
Server address: wop.zock-server.de
Port: 27960 (default)

New settings!

  • Time limit reduced to 10 Minutes. The point limit has been adjusted accordingly.
  • 8 start lives in LPS (+1 every 5 frags)
13hours ago Anchor

Just out of interest, how has the pointlimit been changed? I always thought 16 minutes for the timelimit was a bit short. Especially on tsyc round when the pointlimit is that strange 512. I feel that 10 minutes for the timelimit is very little. On big CTF maps like padbox and fridge when you have evenly matched teams, we won't have time to capture much more than 1 or 2.

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