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May 26 2019 Anchor

Dear WoP fans. At the moment I am digging deep into the history of World of Padman. Not only because of the stand alone, which was released 12 years ago, but also because of the first WoP release ever, which was born 18th July 2004. I am working very hard to restore the news of the first 3 years of development from 2002 to 2004 and I discovered Aquarius' PadSecrets page, which was later added to the official WoP website (I am not so sure about that).

I would like to restore this site and to add it to the WoP website again, but this time I would like to include a secrets section to every map page. I need someone who is willing to contribute and to create the content for every WoP map, taking into account, that every map and its item layout may vary from game type to game type. It can be done like Aquarius did back in the days. A few screenshots with a little bit of text would do the trick. Screenshots would need to have at least a resolution of 1280x960pxl 72dpi. My preferred aspect ratio is here 4:3. It doesn't matter if it is done in English or German. I can translate into the missing language.

Working on the website in parallel to my real life is keeping me really busy these day. So I cannot take much time to be present in the forum here at the moment. If you want to support me, drop me a line. Thanks to everyone!

Jun 1 2019 Anchor

I am unable to match ratio you are wanting without going higher than my screen is. I either have to go lower or stick with 1920x1080. I have taken a screenshot of each Imperius on the default maps and all the other items or buttons that do other things. But I've only taken screenshots of them if they require some skill to get to or are tricky to work out how to get. I will probably get round to labelling each screenshot with some text briefly describing what is on the image.

I don't have that much time any more either. I used to play this daily and if anything, remembered more about every single secret on the wop maps so probably would have been better at doing this quickly some years ago. I can possibly send it to you by skype when i am done with them.

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