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Mar 24 2019 Anchor

Hello everybody,

during the last Padday, Kai-Li asked for feedback about the game in general and all things related that we could think of. Today I will start by posting some thoughts about Harms Hütte, which in my opinion is unsuitable for serious play because of the rough decision to place the Splasher right at the place where it is needed:

Bad place for splasher on Huette

Why is this bad? Well, first of all, Hütte is a rather open map with few places to hide. If you want to get around to get the important items like Betty or Padpower you are forced to expose yourself to this position. Most important walking paths cross the sightline of the shown Splasher position. As a result, the Splasher is one of the most important weapons on this map. Now consider the amount of paths that lead to this splasher position:the two ways to get the splasher

Look at how I can see both of these paths at the same time, and what's more, see who is close to taking these paths because of my elevated position. If I have the Splasher and am even a half-decent shot, I can effectively prevent anybody from getting the Splasher, which is the only viable weapon to attack me with when I am up there, because all other weapons need time for their bullets to arrive (Nipper, BubbleG, Betty), have limited range (Pumper, Punchy) or won't help at all (Boaster, Balloony). What's more is that even if I get hit slightly, I can pick up those six armor shards again and again, which makes me very much more tanky (they respawn every 25 seconds...).

So in short: When up there, I can prevent other people from getting the splasher and take pot-shots at them, which they can't really do much about, because they can't get the splasher themselves. This powerful position is the most annoying in duel situations but doesn't fail to annoy in normal play either.

Kind Regards,


Apr 18 2019 Anchor

Hi @blu132. Thank's for your feedback. I really appreciate that and I think also Harmonieman would do. What would be a suggested solution? To position the Splasher one shelf down or to open a third way to reach it, maybe from aquarium?

Edited by: Kai-Li

Apr 19 2019 Anchor

Hello @Kai-Li,

My suggestion would be to switch out Betty and Splasher. This way, the Splasher is still in a spot where it is useful (which is a theme on Harms Hütte, e.g. with the Balloony in the tunnels, the Pumper on level ground or the Betty in a spot with slight height advantage).

splasher harms huette wish

There are now three ways to get to the Splasher from different sides, with the light switch teleport probably being the most surprising to a potential camper. Point being, it is more difficult to stop people from getting to you.

The Betty is now in a spot where you have a height advantage on the Splasher position, so you can easily spam them ... if you can get to the Betty. This gives people who want to attack a player sitting on the splasher spawn a viable alternative to throwing their bodies at him.

In other words, the Splasher user would not only have to watch out for the three ways to his position, but also for people getting the Betty above the TV. This discourages camping.

From the new Splasher spawn, the player can quickly gain a great height advantage by moving to the tall cupboard with the Splasher and Imperius ammo on top:

splasher huette new camper pos.

Because this spot is now very close to the splasher spawn, we are promoting to camp there instead. This is not as overpowered as before because the splasher lover...

  • does not have armor shards nearby - so he can be bled out over time way quicker than before
  • is not on the highest point of the map - so he can be forced off the cupboard by a determined player with a Betty
  • compared to the old position, he has less space to move and is more exposed. He can move to the speedy shelve, but there is nowhere to go from there but down

But it is not too much of a nerf for the splasher lover:

  • He can overlook vast parts of the map just fine
  • He has a Splasher ammo pack right there, so ammo is not the reason he will be leaving his position
  • He can get to Padpower or Speedy very quickly (on the old position he could just get to Padpower that quickly)
  • A health station is close to his position but not on the ground, so getting filled up is a smaller risk than it was before. This promotes moving around to survive instead of going to some place and dying there because leaving would be too risky
  • He can still just walk over to the old position after getting the splasher. However his time up there is now limited due to his ammo not being replenished. Again, this encourages moving over camping.

Overall I feel like this is a good solution that will not disturb the feel of the map too much (Splasher is still strong). It will also stick to the theme of weapon placement on the map (with weapons being where you need them to be).

The old Splasher spawn is still an important location because now the Betty spawns up there. The Betty is an important weapon on this map, so people will likely still go there. It is a good position for the Betty as well because you get to shoot down at people, so this too fits with the weapon theme.

On another note:

The jumppad on the Aquarium leads to the Chair... but there is nothing on the chair. If there was at least 5 Armor shards that you could collect while flying over there or sitting on the chair, there would be a reason to actually use that jumppad. Right now the only motivation is mobility. There is not many places to go but down from the chair and the teleport next to the Aquarium is simply the better mobility choice (it leads to the computer desk), so not many people bother with the aquarium jumppad. Not to mention flying that far exposes you to splasher shots.

Edited by: blu132

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