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Brighness issues relating to nvidia or Open GL (Groups : [PAD]Community : Forum : WoP Troubleshooting : Brighness issues relating to nvidia or Open GL) Locked
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Apr 4 2021 Anchor

I'm really confused by this. I've recently got a new PC and graphics card, but wasn't aware of this problem until today (pretty sure it has only happened in the past few days)

I am unable to change brightness in the game. It is basically the same as if I used to enable open GL; I could only change the brightness via nvidia which is the case now. But that Open GL is off. I can also add that this problem is the same in open arena, so it isn't just wop related and likely a problem with my drivers or open GL.

I use Ubuntu 20.04, but hopefully the Nvidia program will work a similar way in windows that somebody may be able to help suggest something. I think I must have something set somewhere that doesn't allow any applications to have their own brightness control, but not sure how to sort this out. Wop is just too dark to play easily at the moment. I can tweak my OSD on my monitor, but the image and shades in game still just look very dark and the darker shades are so difficult to distinguish. It lookes similar to when I could control brightness and had it just above minimum. Really strange issue.

Would appreciate some advice.

Update: this bizarrely only occurs when the games are set to match the resolution of the monitor (1920x1080). If I set it to the next resolution down in full screen at the same aspect (1366x768), i have full control of the in game brightness. This makes no sense at all to me. Almost as if the native resolution suddenly is fixed and can't be controlled in game.


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