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Jan 2 2019 Anchor

Even though I'm not totally sure if this is the right thread to ask this sort of thing, I thought it wouldn't be a problem starting a thread relating to this mod anyway. I am certainly finding it useful for some things.

One think I want to ask though is about how to type through your server console / terminal so the players on your server can see the messages. Before I used Beryllium, i could just type in the terminal outside wop and when i hit enter, unless it was a command, everyone on the server would see a message. This was sometimes useful if i needed to warn people on my server that it needed to be shut down when i wan't in the game. Now I'm running beryllium, it seems to think every thing is a command. If you type something that isn't and you just want it to be a message to say to everyone, you get a message saying "unknown command"

I'm wondering if there is a certain symbol i need to type before what i want to say to let the server know this is an announcement or something. As I said, I could do this before I used beryllium. Would much appreciate some help.

The reason why I thought I would create the thread in this section rather than troubleshooting was because we could possibly have any discussion relating to this mod here in the future.

Jan 2 2019 Anchor

Hi Ben,

even with Beryllium you can still write:

say "Enter your message here"

Every player on your server can read that chat message.

Beryllium has a really good readme.txt written by The Brain. There are much more chat commands in Beryllium you can use! It would be wise to take a look at that, because The Brain's english is much better than mine ;-) However, feel free to ask if there something you don't understand :-)



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Jan 4 2019 Anchor

I did look through that readme when i first got the mod and it helped a lot. But I've since looked again and haven't found what I'm looking for. I will try to describe the exact thing i mean.

Without running berillium, when my server is running in a terminal, i can simply start typing even without a / or anything. For example if i type "test message", my terminal will then say "broadcast: print "server: test message"" And in the game, in white text, everyone will see that as "server: test message"

With berillium, typing the same thing "test message results in the terminal saying this below: "unknown game command: test message"

If i type "say (then a message in speech marks) , my terminal doesn't say anything, but in the game, it says "unknown client game command: chat"

Berillium has enabled me to do so many things, but I haven't been able to figure out a way of chatting via my terminal which is often useful and i very often did that before i used this mod.

Thanks for the help.

Jan 4 2019 Anchor

Hi Ben,

sry, i've give you the wrong command. The correct chat command is

ssay "I'm a message for you :-)"

But, as i said before, Beryllium has a really good readme:

:: stell cid text
Serverside tell chat.

:: ssay text
Serverside say chat.

:: ssay_team team text
Serverside team chat. Use r,b,s,f as team name.

Always have fun :-)


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Jan 6 2019 Anchor

Thanks hectic, i did see these but i sometimes misunderstand basic instructions! I couldn't tell which part you were meant to type and i tried several combinations. but now you have told me, it works fine. I just need to remember to type "ssay" and then my text.


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