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Contuining my work on several new features, today i decided to add some new units to the orks namely the lootas and the komandos. While trying to do something new in terms of the komandos basic weapon I failed but my failure created something even better!

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Today i continued to add new units to the orks including lootas and komandos. While trying to get the komandos basic weapon to fire both the usual bullets and some grenades i discovered you can't have 2 types of things firing in just a weapon file (visually it works but no damage is dealt) but from this problem something new was created, the komandos gravity gun! Now comandos fire against enemies and they simply fly through the air like if gravity didn't existed, if the first shot doesn't kill the enemy it probably flies again a bit later.
Here it is a video of the komandos making enemies fly, first part of the video is the bomber strike ability in one of its many inner versions. Also the damage of the komandos is not as high as in the video, i had one more zero to the right than i wanted.

I hope you enjoy this video!

moddlord1 Creator

ready for waaaaaaaaaagh!!

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GreenScorpion Author

I don't really know where the komandos stole their gravity guns (perhaps it was some imperial or tau prototype, who knows)but they are really fun to watch, i should have recorded it better, a crowd of enemy orks flying to all sides at each komando attack. I have to try and notice if they also change direction on flight if the komandos fire again.

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That is very sweet, bro!

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GreenScorpion Author

Thanks, it is always nice to turn a failure into something positive!

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