This group is for people wish to change this world and would like to share ideas and plans! Please join and let change this planet to a better world!

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How to change the world

How to change the world

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A serious thing, we only have only one life and we have to make it count.

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DonBre - - 830 comments

Hope more people join this group and we as members get more about about this topic that would be really cool

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Kimmy⠀Kat - - 4,538 comments

Well, I hear that complete freedom is a bad thing. I did not get it at first, but once I had gotten into depth with it, I saw the lesson in it; Too much of something, isn't a good thing. Too much freedom would result to Chaos. And peace is one of those things that is just nearly impossible to have entirely in this world. But looking thoroughly even more, you can't have one thing without the other opposite factor existing.

For instance, you cannot have light without darkness; you cannot have good without evil, you cannot have justice without crime, you cannot have cleanliness without filthiness, etc. It all makes sense if you look outside the box. Alas, it is sad when you focus on the statistics of the matter, but it's a bitter pill we just have to swallow and live with.

On a positive note, humans as a whole are learning in a trial by error type of age in a sense and learning quite rapidly from it. Although 'Father Time' is in no rush, I can predict safely that these issues that we are having abroad will be ironed out along the way ahead. Learning from mistakes, whether they are minor, fatal, or even tragic makes our human race stronger over all so that we can develop preventative counter measures for whatever is still to come our way later on. I for one feel as though that innovation is a marvelous and one of the most important factors that will change how we as mankind will live in the future. I admire it quite a lot and so does my father.

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deleted10101 - - 7,259 comments

Check my new ideas about World Change exactly at my profile

See you around

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Loner99 - - 1,398 comments

Remove spiders; more bunnies

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Bisszy4ever - - 1,706 comments

The world needs moar DJ Khaled! We need him at kids birthday parties holding em down!

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

U smart
U loyal
U gratefull

this group apreciates that!
what we need to change in this world is summarised in these immortal words.
> cultivate wisdom
> be loyal to your friends and hoes
> be gratefull, when someone does smth for you, give em a kiss
anotha one

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GMANISGAY - - 23 comments

if we organize our thoughts searching for similarities between them, then we could unite and fight for something together, each one of us has its own capabilities and united we achieve more, saying "us" i mean the whole world, the day we do that will be a big step

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Necrolifer - - 1,015 comments

Sm0uk w33d evriday .

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Quaker540 - - 2,150 comments

I love how you think you are funny.

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Simcardo - - 3,511 comments

Remove kebab; more dank memes

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