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Add media Report RSS Las Vegas Massacre - What are your thoughts?

My thoughts? It's that time of the month again.

Every time there's a massacre, every time. All we do is argue about the same. *******. Thing. Over and over and over again, concluding in the end to do nothing. Thinking this will sort itself out.

Here's what will happen. Just like the other massacres before hand, the families of the dead will bury their sons, daughters, wives, husbands, and so on. They will mourn their losses and people the nation over will do nothing but say a few honeyed empty words words of support and condolence. Something like: "my thoughts and prayers are with you." Pat themselves on the back for doing nothing and move on. Thinking, they've done something. The victims and widows will be calling out for something to be done. The pro-gun and anti-gun people will argue about the same things they've been arguing about over, and over, and over again; into irrelevance and nothing will get done... again.

"This time we need to regulate the availability of guns." "No,no,no, we need to deregulate the availability of guns." "No, throwing more guns at the problem won't solve it." "No, taking guns away from the problem won't solve it." Both sides think they're the only sane *************, that have THE solution and will not budge on it because they're choking on their pride.

That is crazy.

The next person or so in the comments will prove my point.

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ElfFriend Creator

Meh, people die all the time in potentially more painful settings. Sure what happened sucks but I'd consider it just as bad as people starving to death, dying from an easily preventable or curable illness, etc. The general reaction so far was that it's somehow worse than the death that happens all the time cause it was "shocking" and visible whereas the regular death that happens all the time is easy to ignore or desensitize yourself to.

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ComradeWinston Creator

A new high score, until another nutter beats it within a few years.

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