A WW2 Mod for: "Empire Deluxe Combined Edition" It is finally here! Now it is time for the next chapter in the Empire Series to begin! Welcome to Empire Deluxe Combined Edition. This version is the result of nearly 50 years of classic game play. Whether you are an Empire Deluxe veteran, or a complete noob, it is my hope that 100's of hours of game play await you. Empire Deluxe is a game about taking cities. Starting with just one, the city enables a commander to produce units. These units in turn can directly attack or support the attack of more cities. Your imperialistic desires are not satisfied until you have taken every city on the map. Then there is an added complication: There can be multiple opponents with the same goal. You cannot work with them to capture all of the cities. They don't want to work with you. You must work against them. You spend a good amount of time preventing them from taking your cities, and you try your best to capture their cities.

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WW2Weasel Creator

If interested in the mod, you can order the game from itchio or steam.

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WW2Weasel Creator


16)The Liberty Ship Has 12 portage points, carries General, Marine, Seabee, All 3 Armor crews, All vehicles and guns.

17)The Battlecruiser is 1 step below the Battleship. Example: BB costs 60 BC costs 54, BB has 24 hitpoints BC has 22 hitpoints, both have 3 damage to their hits, BB has an effective range of 8 the BC has an effective range of 7.

18)The Recon Infantry can see 1 space further then any other infantry type.

19)Grenadier Infantrymen can damage armored vehicles at a distance of 2. While not as strong as bazooka they cost less and are a better option to employ if no bazooka are available. When pairing Bazooka or Grenadier to halftrack, the halftrack gets a boost to it's anti-armor role.

20)The Squad Automatic Weapon has a range of 2 against infantry and soft vehicle and static guns. They also double as anti-aircraft while not super powerful they can make an enemy airforce more timid in approaching your positions. The "SAW" can also be paired up with a halftrack for mobile AA defense.

21)Pack Mules are the 20mm AA and 50mm ATG morph options for travel if the need to travel over non-clear terrain such as forest, hill, mountain, etc.

22)50mm ATG are used for defense of forts, frontline positions devoid of Anti-Armor capability such as Bazooka, Grenadier and Armor types. The 50mm ATG can only move itself on clear terrain. 50mm ATG can morph into a Pack Mule to assist in travel when no other transport is nearby.
They can also be transported by: Trucks, light trucks, jeeps, recovery tank, armor tramsport, Liberty ship, transport.

23)20mm AA are used to defend areas against enemy aircraft. The 20mm AA can only move itself on clear terrain. 20mm AA can morph into a Pack Mule to assist in travel when no other transport is nearby.
They can also be transported by: Trucks, light trucks, jeeps, recovery tank, armor tramsport, Liberty ship, transport.

24)Recon Aircraft are weak in attack, they can see 3 spaces out are cheap to produce and can transport: Recon Infantry & the General. The aircraft can move 4 spaces per turn, for a total of 16 but must return to City, Airbase, Aircraft Carrier.

25)The Light Fighter is weak on attack, it has 2 hitpoints and does 1 point of damage. A good choice to hunt down recon planes. It has the same movement as Recon planes.

26)The Medium Bomber is the middle ground between the Ground Attack and Bomber. It has 4 hitpoints and does 3 point of damage. It functions well against all unit types but is susceptible to AA fire and fighters.

27)The Coastal Gun bunker is a static unit much like a fort. It is constructed via Engineer and Seabee units. It has 18 hitpoints and does 3 points of damage. It has an effective range of 8. The Coastal Gun bunker's weak spot is that it requires recon from other units to see out the max distance to it's effective firing range. As the Coastal Gun cannot move it is also susceptible to Engineer, Bazooka, Artillery & Armor attacks. The Coastal gun's main purpose is to deter light ship and transports from a free attack on a city. So a denial of Sea lane to the enemy is it's main mission.
Another caveat, the Coastal Gun cannot get repaired. The only unit the Coastal gun can host is the General unit.

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WW2Weasel Creator

A Basic Mod was created earlier as an introduction to my mod.
Now a new Intermediate version is available.

Here's what's new with the next ww2 offer.
Note there is a limitation to what Destroyers, Frigates and Patrol boats can carry for unit type.

This is the Enhanced set mostly from the WW2W WW2 Basic Edition. There are some changes, most notably:

1) New land units: Assault Infantry, Grenadier, Recon Infantry, Squad Assault Weapon, Small Armor Crew, Heavy Armor Crew, Jeep, Light Truck, Halftrack, Small Armor, Heavy Armor, Recovery Tank, 50mm anti-tank gun, 20mm anti-aircraft, 76.2mm Anti-aircraft, Anti-Air Jeep, Pack mule for ATG, Pack mule for 20mm Anti-aircraft & Coastal Gun Bunker.

2)New air units: Recon Aircraft, Light Fighter & Medium Bomber.

3)New sea units: Armor Landing craft, Liberty Ship, Ocean Liner, Anti-aircraft Frigate, Frigate, Anti-aircraft Destroyer, Anti-aircraft Light Cruiser & Battlecruiser.

4)Patrol Boats, Frigates & Anti-aircraft Frigates can carry One Marine or General.

5)Destroyers can carry two Marines or Generals.

6)Small Armor will morph into Small Armor crew after attacking a city.

7)Heavy Armor can morph into Heavy Armor crew after attacking a city.

8)Recovery Tank can transport most vehicles and static guns. They can also repair the transported unit if need be.

9)Assault Infantry are tank riders. They can be transported like infantry but have the ability to be transported by: Small Armor, Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor & the Recovery Tank.

10)Halftracks transport 1 unit. The units that can mount a halftrack are: General, Infantry, Assault Infantry, Bazooka, Engineer, Recon, Grenadier, Squad Assault Weapon and all 3 Armor crew types. The units transported by a Halftrack can defensive fire while mounted.

11)Light trucks and jeeps can carry 1 Infantry type unit. Both can carry 20mm AA and 50mm ATG.

12)New Anti-aircraft Ships: The Anti-aircraft Light Cruiser has a range of 5, the Anti-aircraft Destroyer has a range of 4, the Anti-aircraft Frigate has a range of 3. They all do 2 Damage each.

13)The Anti-aircraft Jeep has a range of 2 and does damage of 1. It does not transport units.

14)The 76.2mm Anti-aircraft Gun has a range of 5 and does damage of 2. It is transported by Truck, Recovery Tank, Armor transport, Transport, Liberty Ship.

15)The Armor Landing craft can transport up to 4 portage points. 1 for infantry types, 2 for Armor and vehicle types. The Heavy Armor is 3 portage points, as an example: only 1 Heavy Armor and 1 Infantry can be transported.

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