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Real life Christmas story
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Man-at-Arms{CRO} Author

Forgive me on my poor english translation, I hope you got the point of this story. It reminds me on another one, when some guy walked the streets and saw a poor man begging, the guy asked himself: "God, why don't you do something about it", he was suprised when God responded: "I did something! I created you!"
God created us all and we are here to help each other. Oh and I hope it is not too early to say, Merry Christmas everyone.

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A beautiful story, brother.

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I have to admit, I lol'd at the end, but it was still a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.

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Real life Christmas story from Croatia, 1914. before WW1.

Only twice in my life I violated the official "oath" and opened a sealed letter, says a retired mailman M. M.
It was before World War I, when I ran the post office in a small Slavonian village.
It was close to Christmas and there was plenty of work. While I was sorting letters from mailboxes, one letter caught my eye, it was without a stamp with the headline: "To Dear Baby Jesus in Heaven!"
Sender was not specified. I have long looked at the letter, apparently written a child's hand. As a rule of the service I should have burn it. But I did not do so. I opened it, suspecting its content.
On a plain sheet of school exercise book, with a lot of mistakes, it was written:

"Dear Little Jesus! This Christmas you will send gifts to good children. For me, you surely did not know, because I've never got anything. Mother is sick. I have to watch out on my little brother and sister, so I wasn't able to write you before. Dad drinks alot and beats me. Please, dear Jesus, do not forget me." Tunjica Koporčić, student II. grade, Ciglana.

That Christmas Little Jesus entreated forgotten Tunjica . He got a great package with gifts of clothing , toys and sweets. What could I do other than make the boy this Christmas more happy and joyful. Little Jesus obviously chose me to do the work of Christian charity.
After that, came a second letter to the same address. This time I opened it without thinking. In it, it was written:

Dear Little Jesus! I got a great gift. Thank you! I was happy with everything, especially with shoes and picture book. Mom was crying. You certainly sent before, but it's our mailman, he certainly stole it all. Once again thank you. Tunjica.

From Croatian catholic magazine (Messenger of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary no. 12/1951.)

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