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Just a small update instead of the big one's we did months ago!

Lets start with something new that I "Taxikiller" just came up with, we all now that we have a Livestream and that if people have questions they can just ask them in the chat or add me on skype its fun some people did ad me on skype. But I almost get the same questions so recently I have made a official Youtube channel for 363 Productions named "Official363Productions" here we'll also upload trailers and ingame video footage but also all the questions and answered related to the mods we are working on, of course if you have a question and that isnt releated to 363 or the mods we are working on you can still ask your question and we will answer them with audio and maybe ingame footage that is not showed here on moddb. So what I mean is that we also answer community questions now trough youtube you can compare it with Community Battle Cast Prime Time almost but instead of mod spotlight gameplay and fan art we are more focusing on our own community or Watchers, now if you have a question and you want to be in the first CFAQ send your questions to subject is not important but your moddb profile is,

Now back to the mod as you all have seen we have released two new models and those are the Limpet Drone, and the GDI Upgrade Center, the GDI Upgrade Center provide's you with the all mighty Ion Cannon that we all love and hate at the same time, it also give's you the ability to call in Drone's like the Hunter-Seeker and the Limpet Drone. The Limpet Drone is a small unmanned vehicle that can burry it self underground so the enemy force's cant see the unit on radar, when enemy force's gets close to the Limpetdrone it will attach it self to the enemy vehicle so the player knows from which flank the enemy come's from.


"Limpetdrone it will attach it self to the enemy vehicle so the player knows from which flank the enemy come's from."

So it will be the same as in TS or is there a difference? It still got that camera so you see where the enemy goes? Nice update

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ApornasPlanet Creator

Yeah nice update!

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i thought you guys said that the engine would not allow for the limpet drones attachment to enemy units?

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No, there's a way around that. All Stars did that years ago. Not sure if it works really well though.

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Subbed on youtube :)

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