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Interview with Peter Jurasik

Interview with Peter Jurasik


Peter Jurasik His excellency, Ambassador Londo Molari of Babylon 5. He shares with us his memories of a dear friend, one of our own, the late Andreas...

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Hi to you all !

I don't know much about Babylon 5 movie-wise though i managed to see a few of the episodes and then i stopped because of real life.

I played Babylon 5 as a mod for Star Trek Armada 2 and i loved it. I felt really bad that it wasn't continued anymore.

I think it's a great sci-fi universe that should not be abandoned and it could equally stand beside Star Trek , Star Wars and some other.

I feel sad that there aren't actually any Babylon 5 games ( if there are i really don't know of ) and i think B 5 deserves a lot of games , in all genres.

I'd love a space 4x game in B 5 , an RTS and why not a shooter too and even an rpg.

I like the League of the Unaligned Worlds most , the Vorlons , those unique aliens like the Walker of Sigma 957 and pretty much everything about Babylon 5 in general really.

Perhaps few people understand and/or are able to like Babylon 5 to get enough support.

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im assuming you all heard Swedish band S.P.O.C.K-s song "Babylon 5"? :p

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Babylon 5 is the best scifi series I ever seen, much better than anything Trek =)

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ok for any b5 fan here is a music vide i made

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hi guys im new but not to the show i know allot about B5 and i have a life. i think that talent lolz. but im wondering what is new.

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We are a lot of people in the project, we are constantly growing.
1). We need in C++ programmers, however, we do not require the highest level of professionalism - there will be enough to have sustained desire to work on the project and basic programming skills.

2). We need in additional 2d/3d artists and animation artists. Same condition - we do not require the highest level of professionalism - there will be enough to have sustained desire to work on the project and basic skills.

3). We need in LUA scripters.

4). We need in grammar and speech stage director (native english speaker).

Please, if you want to help us or you are interested, contact with me by this way or:
Skype: emi_100

If you are interested, you're welcome =)

Thanks. =)
Best regards.


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Hi B5's fans =)

I'm part of OSS Team (OpenSpace Softworks). We are developing a new engine to be use in a fresh new Baylon 5 game.
Our goal is to make a freeware game base on Joe Michael Straczynski's serie, Babylon 5. And duplicate the quality of the CGI from the show in a real-time game engine with the best graphic/gameplay up to date, telling an interesting drama/suspense story.
We are using a modified version of Ogre engine ( Here is a link with the main features:

In short, this is the team of OSS:
Programmers: Michael "Mihard" Chechulin, Anton "Asprin" Rosenthal
Scripting: Emiliano "Nemesis" Martinez, Alex "Cassad" Ermakov, Anton "Asprin" Rosenthal
2d/3d Artists: Andrew "Hadryel" Roycewich, Emiliano "Nemesis" Martinez, Dagon, Nina "Abigail" Rosenthal, Denis "Den 5" Olegovich
Screenwriters: Vyacheslav "Cpl. Pornov" Zhavoronkin, Nina "Abigail" Rosenthal, Alex "Cassad" Ermakov, Anton "Asprin" Rosenthal
Voice Actors: Anton "Asprin" Rosenthal, Alex "Spaceman" Zaitsev, Nikita "Nicopol" Wilisov, Nina "Abigail" Rosenthal, Michael "Mihard" Chechulin, Andrew "Maestro" Mironov
Music and Sound development: Anton "Asprin" Rosenthal, Andrew "Maestro" Mironov
Webdesign: Primus


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Will it be RTS, FPS and so on?

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Dear Mr. Karcov,
Please keep in mind that according to 's rules you can only link back to the interview on the original site. Also you're considered as a non profit website if you don't have not even one ad. Since your site has advertisement then it is not considered as non profit. You may keep the link to the site, but this post has to be removed!
I wish the best to your site and all if you wish you can be part of our mailing list so to be informed of all future efforts of

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Kharcov Creator

Babylon 5 is way to epic for this.. We need to pimp out this group!

-I'm going to collecting material to add to the group page.

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Chrissstrahl Creator

Good Idea :)
Just to remind you, please make sure that you do not use copyright material, unless it is meant to be used for promotional purpose.

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Kharcov Creator

I don't thing any of this is copy righted, plus, it's just to get the group some steam.

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