A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

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Necrolifer Creator
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TheUnbeholden Author

Trump talking about his anti-terrorism policy in light of everything thats been going on around the world and in Orlando/Brussels. Youtube.com

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Is this no more a free thinking anti-theist group ? You know... I believed it was an atheist group with some funny jokes about the silliness of religions and good but idealist vision about a society without thoses beliefs.
But now, it seems like a racist and islam targeting content and, you, dear author, you post a comment about this enormous joke named Trump (Are you taking seriously this man because I'm skeptic here).
I don't know how to feel about this... can you enlight me about what is this group for and what are yours ideas about that?
Asking here politely.
Sincerely, from a swiss guy.

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TheUnbeholden Author

Atheist groups do not cater to a particular political idealogy, ie the pro-censorship leftists. If there is a problem associated with a religion, national or social group then we speak up about it, everything is fair game for being openly criticised. Ie I respect different opinions and would not censor or attack you for what you believe. Some groups don't like Trump but in my experience the people who don't can't come up with any good reasons for it. Instead its blanket statements like 'racism' & 'sexism' eventhough there are no evidence of that (Islam isn't a race by the way). I've heard some good points about Trump not publishing policy papers to support his position on rebuilding infrastructure or what kind of government spending he will cut, but hes been right on the money about immigration/trade deals/2nd amendment & supreme court judges to protect the constitution and case decisions respecting our right to own guns (ie not a revisionist that pretends that the forefathers intended to remove cannons/automatic firearms eventhough they knew about both or ignoring the last part of the 2nd amendment & saying we aren't allowed guns period). More importantly he is the ultimate way of removing political correctness to get people to start talking about real issues in academia/media/politics, which is extremely important because we live in a age where social media is banning people for voicing conservative views (shadow banning on twitter and manipulating trending articles on Facebook) and black lives matter and feminists are trying to ban conservatives from speaking at universities. Also the people supporting Trump are all the white working class people that have been left out in the cold due to the jobs being siphoned off overseas and veterans/military types that have been ignored by politicians.

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So are we talking about Trump now ? (pro-censorship leftists ? Talk for you not for all the people here. We're not even from the same country.)
To begin with, I'm Swiss and live in Switzerland. As far as this concerns me, it doesn't actually... Vote Trump or Hillary if you want, do your "democracy" duty. I'm saying that because I hate when USA makes intrusions in others countries business (it will be hypocritical from me then to make intrusion). Imperialism stuff, you should know. That's kind of the future foreign policy you're going to have with Mr Trump.
Please, don't say "what you believe". I chose to live without "beliefs", I chose to live by facts.
The facts are that Mr Trump is a liar, an economical disaster, a racist and a sexist (you said "blanket statement" but take it straight from it's reality... he is). His speeches make him a non-serious political personnality in front of others nations leaders (even for you, US citizens... you should be ashamed by the irrelevances and stupidity of his statements).
Can we talk habout the "wall" project Mexico's going to pay for ? What a non sense... please. Or about his muslim policy ?
This very man said that Irak invasion was a mistake and at the time he was publicly against... but everytime he is confronted with his former statements implying or being very clear about the total opposite of what he is saying now. This man is a political joke and(, as an Economic student I can certainly say that my knowledge in economics and financial are superior than the average US citizens or Swiss citizens out here) an economical joke as well.
Want to talk about weapons ?
My country has the fourth highest weapon rate per inhabitant in the world so... if you want to talk about that, I could told how and why we don't have the quarter of the quarter of your crimes rate by firearms (The famous secret : Education, my friend... just that. We know how to use weapons with safetiness because military service is mandatory and our weapon is our service assault rifle).
Some of you, US friend, read and apply the 2nd amendment like an islamist applies the Qoran or a Catholic his bible (that is very ironic).

I think that you had the most pleasant choice in your hands, USA, with Mr Sanders but you feared the so called "communist" (I laughed my *** off the first time I heard that because the guy has just a standard social programm for us, europeans coutries, and it was far far from some cold war ideology called communism). Now you face two bad choices : Hillary Clinton and Donalad Trump. One is a liar with experience who will give a modern face to yours allies (first woman president for the USA. You're very late, many important nations had a woman as leader) and the other is a liar who will doom you're foreign policy and makes America Hated Again.
Choose wisely dear friend. This is your country future, not mine. Good luck with that.
That's the problem living in an indirect democracy. Our french neighbors feel the same.
If you want more info about what I'm saying, glad to answer your question. I don't feel really good about talking to you and arguing about Mr Trump because I think your mind is set and you won't care about my opinion. Just remind yourself that if he is elected president, you choose him for the better or the worse. You will be part of that mistake or that victory. And stay out of the blindness of nationalism your country call "patriotism". You're not alone in this world.
And sorry for my english, I tried my best.

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TheUnbeholden Author

"pro-censorship leftists ?"

They are regressive liberals who want to prevent free speech and stifle it by claiming someone is sexist/racist. Whenever we bring up immigration or criticize feminism that's usually when they bring the race card. Eventhough its contradictory because criticize white people with racism but never black nationalists like Black Lives Matter that are for affirmative action (which is discriminatory), they never criticize Asian countries that have strong borders & never allow foreigners to gain citizenship, or Islamic countries that execute gays & treat women like second class citizens.

"Can we talk habout the "wall" project Mexico's going to pay for ? What a non sense... "

Mexico would lose alot more if we stop the remittance payments and increase tariffs on them (since they have a huge trade surplus with us). Basically they would lose 10 times more if they refuse.

"Imperialism stuff, you should know. That's kind of the future foreign policy you're going to have with Mr Trump."

Have you looked at Trumps foreign policy speech? Where is the "imperialism": Youtube.com

Basically your not really showing that you have done any research.

Essentially the problems of immigration is the result extremely lax border security.

What illegals pay in taxes is not even enough to cover 1/11th of what they get & it seems that a sizable portion of it goes back into their hands.
"Most illegal aliens do not pay income taxes. Among those who do, much of the revenues collected are refunded to the illegal aliens when they file tax returns [25% judging from the report]. Many are also claiming tax credits resulting in payments from the U.S. Treasury.[~1.78 billion]"

113 billion dollars annually from: uncompensated costs due to access to emergency rooms, Medicaid (fraudulent, medicaid cost of childbirth and medicaid for children born from illegals ~10 billion) and migrant education programs (also mainly children of illegal aliens) overall covers about ~49.2 billion across state and local level (but only 2.1 federally) mostly due to K-12 education, law enforcement on illegals (7.8 billion for services dealing specifically with illegal immigrants), free and reduced meal program, childcare/home/needy families assistance (ie public assistance about 4.7 billion). Federal welfare is small if we talk about direct cash assistance welfare payments (1 billion) but its 29 billion if where talking about all the federal programs but the major bulk of it is about 84 billion is on the state & local level (eg 20-25% of emergency room treatment is for illegals). There are plenty of ways that they get benefits if we are not just counting direct welfare but all forms of assistance. Even if we cut away the law enforcement part thats still alot of money.

Trump is pointing out the potential for similar problems among undocumented refugees.

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TheUnbeholden Author

We live in a world of a welfare state & military industrial complex and all sorts of expensive things, unfortunately we have to cut alot of spending and prevent the rise of debt (since paying off that debt is already becoming unsustainable), the first avenue is to cut all the costs associated with illegal immigrants (1/3 have a criminal record in the US that are caught crossing the border).

The simpler reason to prevent illegals from crossing is make sure we know who is coming into the country, if its done legally then we can properly vet them and know who is overstaying their visa & prevent criminals from smuggling drugs or conducting human trafficking. It also allows us to control how many immigrants we are getting, if the economy can sustain it is always pertinent question. Its not simply a matter of understanding what the issues are in a certain foreign country, but also our own context.

There isn't going to be much room for fixing our problems once the debt reaches 30 trillion. Then we will be on the same level as unsustainable socialist countries like Greece and Venezuela. We will all literally be ****** then.

You can argue that the people coming over are not taking into account their contributions vs the liabilities they are creating. So they are not using welfare as a stepping stone to becoming independent & getting educated but rather are staying on welfare well into old age. Selfishness is I think not realizing what the economic responsibilities are when entering a country and choosing to stay permanently. Citizenship isn't something thats given out to everyone if it is to be sustainable and should come with a level of responsibility (atm both are under appreciated and unenforced).?

Unforunately illegal immigrants are a major source of an economic drain & some crime problems. There is actually more costs than the 113 billion annual spending on welfare/social benefits to illegals, with all the money we spend on administering, maintaining and rehabilitating drug addicts as a result of all the drugs that come from the border & law enforcement. That is not as clear (domestic vs foreign drugs) but I'd say its about 40-50 billion annually across the federal, local and state level.

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Well, the only person who posts here is an alt-right, white supremacist weeb, believes conspiracy theories, cites Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux, and thinks white genocide is a thing.

Everyone just seems to ignore him.

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Oh ****... Thank you for the tip, I will too then. A shame that this group is being pollute by racist trash stuff.

(By the way λpone, following your work for MoW for a long time. Nice modding by the way, I like it, always waiting for more of the "WINTER CONTINGENCY" mod. Big fan of Halo)

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TheUnbeholden Author

I don't believe in conspiracy theories I just provide that group with some stuff eventhough its a ghost town. I mainly talk about Islam, here is interview with a former Islamic child bride Anni Cyrus: Youtu.be
If there is any racism going on ie irrational hatred, its probably due to Islam. The leftist attempts to protect 'mass migration' is by hiding behind words like racism or islamophobia. So I wouldn't pay attention to Apone to much, he tried to censor my videos here before, but his rights where revoked. He uses passive aggression now rather than talking about Islam.

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TheUnbeholden Author

Stefan Molyneux is a populist philosopher. One mistake hes made though is the belief that when you remove culture, that it somehow leads to philosophy (ie valuing reason, logic and evidence). It doesn't. It just makes people docile and fosters avoidance behaviors, which is already being encouraged in the west due to MGTOW online movement. Removing culture by attacking the mistaken beliefs people have towards the state (ie that governments somehow have our best interests at heart or are inherently beneficial), and mistaken beliefs in political ideologies (ie hypocrisy of the liberalism, sustainability of socialism & the horrors of communism). My main reason for watching him isn't for learning about Universally Preferable Behaviour (UPB), NAP principle & Peaceful Parenting, but the people he has on to chat are always interesting to listen too.

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Orlando: Youtube.com

Left Blames Guns over Orlando Shooting (eventhough ISIS sent a electronic message 3 days earlier they where going to attack Florida & claimed responsibility afterwards): Youtube.com

6 Other major cities listed: Newschannel10.com

ISIS kill list:
Texas: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, Kileen
Indiana: Michigan City, Bolivar
Michigan: Dearborn Heights, Lake Orion
Connecticut: Barkhamsted, Manchester
Nevada: Reno
Georgia: Griffin
Maryland: Upper Marlboro, Warrensburg, Lexington Park
Arizona: Phoenix
Louisiana: Shreveport, Bossier City
South Carolina: Daniel Island, Charleston
North Carolina: Fayetteville, New Bern
Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake.
Colorado: Colorado Springs
California: Manford, Solvang, San Ardo, Monterrey, Newberry Park, Carlsbad.
New Mexico: Farmington
North Dakota: Minot
South Dakota: Rapid City
Florida: Merritt Island, Palm Coast, Saint John, Middleburg, Saint Augustine.
Washington: Colton, Cheney, Seattle, Spokane, Ancortes
Nebraska: Bellvue
Illinois: Orland Park
Rhode Island: Newport
Idaho: Bonners Ferry

ISIS states they are activating terror cells are acting across the US, after we've accepted 2'174 Syrian refugees since 2012 & over a 400'000 from middle east.

Obama has made a deal to accept 70'000 more Islamic refugees this year & 85'000 in 2017 (and zero Christian refugees): Jihadwatch.org

4/5 of the refugees are not from Syria: Jihadwatch.org

10 countries that execute gays: Tinyurl.com

Koran says about women: Tinyurl.com

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