A group for those without religion, as well as those who oppose it. Atheism and Agnosticism and Anti-theism.

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Add media Report RSS Sharia Law: The Silent Take Over of Europe And America

I always love when they mention "Europe"!
We dont have it here. Or are we not a part of Europe?

Ohh and the whole video lost all its value when I saw the name "GodRules".

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Talking non-sense about Europe as if it was one damn country... This is stupid... we don't have thoses problems in Switzerland (25% of the population are foreigners) and last time I checked, we are a country in Europe too.
And yes : "GodRules". How can we take it seriously ?
And at the end : " Europe was a place of peace and stability before it becomes Eurobia", mate... We are the Old Continent, a two time world war starter and many nations who where the biggest colonial and slavers empires. We were never a peacefull continent. This video is ******** from the first image.

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It is right wing propaganda, simple as that. It seems guys like the OP have taken over this group, shame, but what is one to do? Not believing doesn´t mean you should forbid others from believing, otherwise you are no different then any missionary there ever was.
Also as a lawyer in Germany I can attest that we are (luckily) nowhere near subjecting to Sharia Law, very much the opposite to be honest.

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Yeah, lol.

For an Atheist, he really loves posting reactionary Christian propaganda.

He posts Alex Jones garbage on the Christian page, too.

He's really fishing.

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No one has "taken over the group", it is still held by our most generous lord ComradeWinston.

Besides, if you don't like what's being said here feel free to post a video in response instead bitching, everyone's opinions are welcome, even though I'd much prefer it people were to post this kind of stuff on the debate group.

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I am sorry if I was misunderstood, I did not mean to "bitch". And quite frankly I was not, I meant to state that the content creating was taken over, given, that was unclear. Let´s have a look at the last videos posted, shall we?
1.Sharia Law: The Silent Take Over of Europe And America
2.Welcome to Saudi Britain
3.Muslim Demographics
4.Three stages of Jihad
5.The biggest Lie of the ne century
6.Chilling warning from a former Muslim

You see a pattern? I surely do, instead of talking about how a world without religion could look like and/or work, or maybe even criticizing faith as a concept, it surely does seem like the video section is used for unrefined and over the top anti-Islam propaganda with a grain of racism (Muslim Demographics, really?).
I am very sorry if this simple fact disturbes your view of the group.
I am not one to unconditionally defend Islam, hell 50% of my income originates from defending muslim citizens in a court of law, but this is unfiltered and narrow minded bashing of a religious group wich is neither better nor worse then any other this planet has seen so far.
I don´t see videos about "Redneck Demographics", or "Warning from a former Methodist".
If you start and maintain a group that deals with a (for some) provocative political/philosophical subject I fear you have to deal with people stating opinions on stuff.
I for one, regard it as essential to debate topics at hand, if you see a video like the one above, you have to give contra, else you are just making yourself a pawn in the mind game of populism.
I think I made my point, it would be appreciated if you answer, if it comes, would refrain from insulting me this time, it does not testify of a very mature character to do so.
Greetings from Frankfurt am Main

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I told you, no one has taken over the group, nor it's content creation. If you don't like what's being posted, then you can post something as a response. I won't stop you, Comrade won't stop you, and neither will TheUnbeholden.

If you want to post a video about "Redneck Demographics" or "Warning from a former Methodist", then you can go do that.

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Thank you for your answer Archduke,

Again I was not saying anybody would stop me from posting I was merely stating that the content being posted has become rather one sided, although I could post videos such as this:

or this:

it is not at all the point I was trying to make, as it would only shift the focus from one religious group to the next, my examples were simply there to underscore the trend that is developing. Stating that you "told" me it wasn´t so has in the end the same value as saying "The sun circles the earth because I tell you so".
I am not trying to accuse you of anything, believe me when I tell you I honestly think we are on the same side.
I am only criticizing the kind of video posted, I would say exactly the same thing if it was only directed against Christianity/Hinduism/Buddhism.
My case is, that the onesidedness displayed here does not live up to the standards an essential humanist group should set itself, therefore my criticism targets the above video and the array of others of it´s sort, why is pointed out in my earlier comment.
Thus posting other videos would not help at all, we have to contradict things coming our way that we disagree with.
To end this on a more lighter note have some music expressing what I understand under true atheism:

Cheers and have a nice weekend

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I think your entire post can be summed up in this single sentence:

"My case is, that the onesidedness displayed here does not live up to the standards an essential humanist group should set itself"

This isn't exclusively a humanist group, it's a group for atheists, anti-theists and sceptics of all stripes, whether they're humanist, communist, liberal, libertarian or conservative, and we have no "standards", it's a free-for-all, and we'd like to keep it this way.

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Dear Archduke,

A free for all is fine by me, but you do realize that humanism is not a political ideology right?
You don´t even have to look far: En.wikipedia.org

Atheism is essential a humanist ideal, humanism is neither "liberal" "conservative" nor "communist", it is simply a philosophical stance that can be inherent in any or non of the mentioned political ideologies.
The point is that a group for atheists, anti-theists, etc... is necessarily build around the assumption that there is nothing more important then the individual expression and development of humans, as opposed to divine will or providence. That my friend is the very essence of humanism.
Your mistake is furthermore that my comment can not be summarized in one sentence, it was too long and really to complex for that, picking yourself one point (an opinion furthermore) and saying it stands for the whole comment only shows that you do not want to understand my point.
I am not here to forbid anyone anything, post whatever you like really, but in such a group you have to deal with people disagreeing with you and stating that.

And that is really the whole point. isn´t it?
There is a video, or in this case some videos with wich some of us disagree with.
We say so. (As you can see underneath every video TheUnbeholden posts there is a similar discussion)
And instead of debating the points in wich we disagree you seem deadlocked on insinuating I was trying to forbid somebody from stating their opinion.
I am not. I never said so, I believe only by encountering different opinions and discussing them one can get a decent stance of ones own.
If you continue to not refer to the arguments I made and picking only distilled and isolated statements (as can be observed in both your answers) then please, let us stop leading this argument, for there is really no point then.

Have a nice Sunday

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It would appear this whole back n' forth has gotten us nowhere. I've spent the last two days trying to explain to you that you could simply post your own videos if you don't like the content people are posting, so things don't seem so "onesided" to you.

I am aware humanism is not a political ideology, it was merely an example of how atheists can differ ideologically, however are you aware that atheism does not require humanism? They can exist mutually from eachother, atheism is merely a stance on the existence of a god/gods, if you find it hard to separate atheism from anything else you believe, then may I suggest you find a gaggle of religious atheists? Clearly you're more inclined to dogmatic thought than you think, perhaps you'll find yourself right at home amongst Atheism+.

If you want to continue this meaningless ****-slinging contest, feel free to shoot me a message with your response, I'll get back to you another day.

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Admiral-165 Creator

As Archduke said, no one is preventing you from posting what you want. I think the problem here is that you think the 'group' as a whole has some sort of obligation to balance the opinions of it's members, this is not at all the case. The group members post what they want individually as long as it pertains to the theme of the group. The moderators and admins are not here to balance everything, only to get rid of spam and troll comments for example, the balance comes from the group members themselves.

So I would say if you are unsatisfied with the one sided nature of the content, then post dissenting opinions. Or voice your displeasure in the comments section (as you and several other people have done on this video).

And by the way, I can't help but notice the fact that TheUnbeholden is probably the only anti-muslim in the group, on almost all of the anti-muslim videos, the comments are all people arguing with him. So when you say the group has been taken over by anti-muslims you are being disingenuous, intentionally or not.

It is up to you and all the other commenters I see on all of these videos to voice your opinion, as of now it has been in the comment section only but if this isn't enough for you then feel free to post a video or a picture debunking TheUnbeholdens opinion instead of arguing with the admin that it's one sided, as this will accomplish nothing.

EDIT: Puu.sh Here is the issue here. It is not our responsibility as admins to censor TheUnbeholden, nor is it our responsibility to make sure all possible views are given the same exposure, that is the responsibility of the members.

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Just adding my two cents by saying I agree that these videos have the right to be posted, despite me not necessarily agreeing with them/not particularly liking the people who produced them. But if your argument against them existing amounts to "The person who uploaded it doesn't agree with me politically" then that's not a valid justification. If you have a problem with the arguments presented in the videos themselves, you're free to respond to those and refute them, and nobody is stopping anyone from posting anything they want as long as it relates to atheism and skepticism.

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