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This was posted on the Christian Group by B7BLUE and it was suggested that you guys might want to read it as well, so I went ahead and posted it. Enjoy :)

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1 - You can't kill people in the name of nothing. That's more ridiculous them me killing people in the name of the Sith Empire.

2 - One group believes something, the rest don't and unite in mocking and pushing the other group out of their societies.

3 - Agreed.

4 - Of course.

5 - If you're not offending someone when legitimately pushing for some sort of ideal then chances are your message is not effective/forceful enough. Though telling someone something as impertinent as "well that's one less person using the limited resources of our planet" is a terrible comparison to what is essentially a book a fairytales taken too seriously.

6 - Sometimes though wording plays a large role in exaggeration. But for example, I would not call the works of Christopher Hitchens embellishments. Very blunt truths that ignore the niceties that atheists often allow into their point as to not sound so radical as theologians, certainly.

7 - Probably, I seldom ever feel the need to add extra weight to what I deem truth. I'm certain atheists can be terrible people as much as a theologian. Though as said by a well known militant atheist who escapes my ability to recall at the moment, "With or without religion there will be good people doing good things and bad people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad it takes religion."

8 - Partly agreed though only if all attention is on a person who belongs in a mental asylum, the god hates **** idiots and so on.

9 - Theology it's self brigs only mental comforts, no practicality can come from what does not change and evolve with it's environment. Certainly information which has never been edited.(unless you count the hundreds spin-off bibles) Rationalism, well, brings rationality, testing, understanding, and the accumulation of data to form conclusions that can be, if found to be incorrect, changed.

10 - Well yes, but it's fun to try. ^.^
(if you're not an uncreative ******* and try to have fun with it anyways)

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1- This is exactly what a hard minded atheist would answer. The problem start with one thing: The beleave of the inexistence of god or any kind of spirit. No matter what, it´s still a kind of beleave of something which you guess. A faith. Continuing, the things which you beleave can lead you do so certain things. Joining the Atheists group here was something which you have done becoz you are an atheist. Later you can ( I know that it´s a bit of exageration, but this indeed happen) take some conclusions like "religion must be destroyed because I have the truth!". With this you can start a flaming wars on a forum, later burn down a church or... oh god, you killed an "ignorant".

Also take the way which Stalin and Mao repressed the religion. All this because what they beleaved and their later conclusions.

2- As said before, the inexistence of god is a conclusion which you made. A beleave. And you will fight for it on the same way a Christian will fight for what he beleaves.

And the "mocking and pushing the other group out of their societies" is mostly done by the stupid and agocentric porcentage of them. You´re not one of them, right?

5- Well, Atheists rather find theists' point of view hilarious rather than offensive. But, theists get offended by atheists' viewpoint. I'll agree to that. Atheists are being stupid (sorry guys, it's the truth) when they outright contradict the theistic views. If they could empathize with theists they would understand that saying "God doesn't exist" doesn't prove anything to theists. Infact, sometimes, it makes their belief stronger.

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6 and 7- Meh, don´t agree and try to troll some random attacks. Points were made and agreed. No need to attack. You´re not doing this to explain why to keep acting like an *******, right?

BTW, Christopher Hitchens did overexagerated many times and actually, religion is not a reason for a good person do bad things, but ignorance and pression. This is only a random ****** argument. But this is not the case...

8- Go back to the asylum than :p

9- Nonononono, you didn´t got the point. It´s not about theology. Read it again. (this wasn´t other time which you was trying to find reason to be an *******, right?)

10- Don´t be a ****.

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