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Poll: Yume Nikki remake on the Doom 2 engine? Yes / No ? (56 votes)
Yume Nikki port to the DOOM2 engine with GZdoom? (Groups : Anime Fans of modDB : Forum : Off-Topic : Yume Nikki port to the DOOM2 engine with GZdoom?) Locked
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Oct 7 2011 Anchor

Yume Nikki remake on the Doom 2 engine? Yes / No ?

Yea the title says it all guys. What would you think about
remaking & improving Yume Nikki on the latest build of Doom 2 with
Basically taking this
and porting it into a 3D environment as shown in this in this Final Fantasy
mod for Doom2. GZdoom would just allow you to have free look like in
modern FPS games.
It would be alot of work but I think that the end result can be very unique.Tell me what you think people is its worth a try or not?

My original post on Khonachan

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Oct 7 2011 Anchor

Even tho i know nothing of "Yume Nikki" after seeing several pictures you posted i liked the idea and i would like to see this come true, so you have my vote :)

Oct 7 2011 Anchor

Oct 7 2011 Anchor

Glad to know I have support for the idea. Now I just need to find someone with experience in modding the doom 2 engine with gzdoom. With any luck Ill be able to get a dev team going for a good mos/wad. Hell I think it would even count as an indie game.

Heh found great little chibi image of Madotsuki to base the player sprite off of :D

I might just go for a chibi style like this I kinda like it :)

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