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Oct 23 2010 Anchor

someone might have change his/her profile name; so introduce with name

this might be good:
name: (your name, nickname i mean! but if you want to share your realname, i wouldn't mind)
birthday: (DOB, easy for everyone to know your birthday)
why do you like anime: (just a simple question)
what your future planning: (i want to draw manga! i want to beat xeno!, etc etc anything)
and any others you want to add.....

ok i'll start...

Name: XenoAisam aka Amau
Birthday: 22 0ctober 1987
Why i love anime: Because "MOE"!!!
My future plan: Develop my own game which will be cast by Rokiahi, Naluri, Rohani and Nurani!
My website:


Oct 24 2010 Anchor

Name: Assaultman67 :P

Birthday: 27 May 1988

Why I love anime: I actually used to hate anime (thinking its dorky, etc) ... Then at some point in time I found out that there are shows that are much funnier and have better plots than what you can find on american Sitcoms/drama/whatever. Then I got hooked and started to watch all sorts of anime crap ... even stuff not that great :P. I'm pretty much a closet otaku ... I have never bought anything, but I watch anime very regularly and not many people in my life know about it. Right now i watch a HUGE variety of anime stuff ... even the moe stuff im regularly bitching about (yea, im a hypocrite) ...

My future plan: Graduate from college and either go into manufacturing engineering or prosthetics engineering. However, i am currently involved in a Aeronautics club that is definitely appealing to me, so I may seek a job in aerospace engineering.

My types: Not sure what you mean here ... but for women I definitely prefer those that are a bit nerdy (Play video games, watch Scifi/anime, actually know stuff about computers or whatever). Im pretty sure that if I ever met a girl who fixes cars/computers/anything I would instantly (fall in love with)/(have a crush on) her :P ...

(Ive actually met two girls who played video games ... I did get a crush on them, and they probably felt the same way considering their attitudes around me ... but I was/am anti-social to make anything of it)

My website: ... None really ... This maybe?

Favorite Anime: ... Probably Eureka 7 simply because when it was over, I was depressed about it for a week :P ...

Edited by: Assaultman67

Oct 25 2010 Anchor

Name: Red_Hawk

Birthday: 17 July 1995

Why I love anime: well, actually I don't know why, I just love them. the art style, the unique stories it has, those are probably why I love anime :)

My future plan: I want to draw manga! xD

My types: well.. HUGE mech, girls with big guns, moe, futuristic military stuff, etc.

My website: sadly, I don't have any D:

Favorite anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Sgt. Keroro, Baka to Test to Shokanjuu, Blassreiter, and many more xD

that's all about me :D

Oct 26 2010 Anchor

The names Kyou if you havnt noticed :|

Born during the sweet az year that was 1993.

My gender is mistaken alot which makes me laugh :)

Hmmm why do I like anime..I think it helps with ideas for stories, character development and it always makes me smile : )

Favorite types, hmmm thats a tough one anything that's NOT MOE, I'm not into moe but mostly anything else thats good I can deal with.

Favorite Genre: Romance, Slice of life, Drama, Adventure, School and Comedy [ Love Romance the most >:Þ )

Plans for the future involve getting out of the house more and getting stories from my mind onto paper and then into Renpy

I love Visual Novels , wished there was more romance Vns with out Hentai in them but more focus on romantic side than sex.

Well Yeh..

Edited by: Kyou.

Oct 27 2010 Anchor

hi this is stranger why everyone write their id not their real name -_-"


Name: Hagari Pandu Firdaus
Birthday: 25 january 1993
Why i love anime: nah not love it just like it
My future plan: make a game based anime
My types: ehm ehm *secret* :p
My website: i don't have it

Edited by: ResolveR

Oct 27 2010 Anchor

wahaa... what interesting stuff you guys have XD

Oct 28 2010 Anchor

hagriNSR wrote: hi this is stranger why everyone write their id not their real name -_-" ...

Its a matter of not allowing people leverage ... Anonymity can turn people into social wolves, so in a naturally anonymous place ... announcing your name could cause trouble for you (although unlikely, it is entirely possible)

I could do a simple google search on you to find incredible amounts of personaly information on you simply by knowing your name. I could probably even deduce where you live.

With just a username, you can limit what people know about you by whatever you allow them to know through your alias ...

However, for your information, My first name is Bryan. (which is generally more than I'd tell people ... but I broke open a bottle of rum about 3 hours ago and am in a bit of a "I don't give a fuck!" mood) :P

(Also, lots of people don't consider names all that important over the net, I worked with a german guy for roughly 4 years on a mod without him ever knowing my first and last name ... and he never really had any issues about that.)

Edited by: Assaultman67

Oct 28 2010 Anchor

aisam is part of my realname XD

Oct 30 2010 Anchor

is your real name Amau Aisam?

just guessing :P

Oct 30 2010 Anchor

thats my email! XD

Oct 30 2010 Anchor

Hi, i'm Blaze_K and i've been drinking everyday since age of...
oh wait. what is this place again?

What i like about manga and anime? The huge variety of target audiences, genres and themes.
Most of it may be uninspired shit, but it pays off to dig in that shit for hours and find a fistful of diamonds there.
In most of countries animation is still associated with kids, and the only animations made with mature audiences in mind are independent, short productions. (besides lulzy cartoons like south park). In japan on the other hand, the fact that something is animated doesn't make directors hesitate to put some deep stuff in it. stuff that a kid would neither understand nor find interesting.
that said, each next year there's more and more of crappy moe shows, and less of the thought provoking stuff. or even original stuff.

anime plans?
not much. i do some fanart occasionally.
and most of my mechanical/robotic concept art is influenced by Tsutomu Nihei's manga works and Ghost in the Shell manga/movies/series.

Oct 31 2010 Anchor

so,its my : bloodstalker,devi(my friends just call me F)birthday : 1989why do i like anime?it gives me ideas or sometimes it has something going on that i actually care about.future plan?dont feel like having one,but 1 year ago i started to compose dark ambient and now im composing for two groups on moddb,infasa should be out anytime and the harvest...well we have just started.i think ill try to do an album on a physical label,master german and also graduate from the damn type?ok my favourite female anime char is barmelion from chrome shelled regios.figure the rest out need one



Nov 1 2010 Anchor

Great topic! Then you can know more people that like the same things you do.

Name: Bia K
Birthday: 16 November
Why i love anime: Although now there may seem only one type of story and style, anime is very rich and there are unlimited types of style, story and art. I like the way it delivers a plot with a great combination of music and art - without needing to be a 'cartoon'.
My types: Comedy. I enjoy mostly watching the old classics (back where everything started). Almost any style, but nothing too shounen/too shoujo dramatic. Something to enjoy and sometimes, reflect.
My website -> go to my profile page.

I'm up for any discussion about the subject! :thumbup:

Nov 4 2010 Anchor

XenoAisam wrote: thats my email! XD

lol, I thought that was your real name xD

Nov 6 2010 Anchor

me n5p29. yeah, weird name, but you can just call me n5.
bitrhday 6 August, 1990.

I'm an old timer here, I've been here when this group is still a peaceful place.
as you can see here, this place just being popular on late 2009. I'm here to help cleaning the faggotries in anime fans, as the anime have been defiled by moeshits, useless fanservices and ecchis, waifus, rule 34 and 63, retarded fans, and many other.
when I'm giving critics I'm trying to be as objective as possible. I might be kinda satiric at some times, but that's how I roll. only simple minded rabid fans will hates me.

anime? well, I watch anime like how I like real movies, I just watch what I think is interesting. because it have REAL plot, or if it have the "lulzy" factor.
beside that I watch from the others recommendations. if I watch something other than that, I must be really boring atm.

I'm a ZH modder here, that's why I'm on ModDB at the first time. you can see my mods page here and here. they're still active now.
I'm currently working on Recolonize, but now it's really hard with an almost none team.

and... my website? my old blog is dead, I've once manage a mod hosting forum with some friends here but it's now dead. D:
lately I'm trying to make my own wikia as my homepage replacement, but now suddenly I lost interest because new wikia skin sucks.


Nov 6 2010 Anchor

n5p29 wrote: the anime have been defiled by moeshits, useless fanservices and ecchis, waifus, rule 34 and 63, retarded fans, and many other.

owh dont be like that! MOE is good~ but the one who staining it is a people~

and i'm more older then you.... i enter moddb since 2007

Nov 6 2010 Anchor

XenoAisam wrote:

n5p29 wrote: the anime have been defiled by moeshits, useless fanservices and ecchis, waifus, rule 34 and 63, retarded fans, and many other.

owh dont be like that! MOE is good~ but the one who staining it is a people~

and i'm more older then you.... i enter moddb since 2007

moe != moeshit
moeshit is when an anime more focused to the oh-so-kawaii-desu graphix than the actual story itself. so basically it's like ecchi in different angle.

and yeah, I know you're here first, but it's still the old time.


Nov 7 2010 Anchor

n5p29 wrote: moe != moeshit ...

Really? I've always lumped those two together as being the same :P ...

n5p29 wrote: moeshit is when an anime more focused to the oh-so-kawaii-desu graphix than the actual story itself. so basically it's like ecchi in different angle...

That makes more sense than anything else I have ever read! I don't really know why I have never made the connection between ecchi appeal and moe appeal >_> ...


User Posted Image - anime | manga | reviews

Nov 8 2010 Anchor

For me they were quite similar in the sense of the appeal. But in the end, they are very different to fan response.

Feb 5 2011 Anchor

Name: DelphaDesign
Age: 23
Why I like anime: I love the art style (spiky hair, big eyes, very colorful), cute girls, mecha, action, story in that order!
What am I planning: Currently working on an RTS mod Annex: Conquer the World. I started it just for myself but i decided to release it when its complete. Annex follows everything I love anime, mecha, tanks, and RTS. I'm new on this forum so I cant post link but you can get to it through my profile here!

I'm a Gundam fan, Seed is my Favorite, Second is 8th MS Team. Other than that I tend to enjoy smaller scale anime, such as Last Exile, and Xam'd lost memories.

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