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In this update, I'll talk about the brand new voice actor that has joined our team to replace the voice behind the mask, giving life again to the torturer, in a whole new perspective. Talk about the official theme song of Amnesia: Fear in Hands, made by the gigantic and so talented Jackson Thomaz, a Brazilian composer here in Campinas & about the new screenshots and a release date for the Early Access of the game.

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Hello Mod DB and Indie DB trackers.

After a while with no major news or updates for the game, I came here to tell to you guys that soon everything'll going back to it's normal state, since we're providing the necessary tools to fix the engine to keep with the development. Because of that, expect new In-Game screenshots very soon. We're also doing something very different for Fear in Hands. We've heard your demands and we know that you guys are right: Amnesia Fear in Hands needs more custom models. Because of that, we've contacted Bruno Alysson, the guy behind White King (a new horror game made by HideBound Entertainment). He'll be modeling new and exclusive models for Fear in Hands, beyond the ones that we're already planning to use, made by other users here in ModDB (that will receive all the credits for their creation).

We also want to share with you guys that Sampleman will no longer be the guy behind The Torturer's voice because of personal problems. We're very sad because of him but at the same time we are very proud to announce the brand new voice actor that'll be bringing The Torturer back to life with a completely genuine and different perspective! Paul Russel is his name, but he's used to be known as Vormaen. His voice is really incredible and his talent with voice acting is majestic! If you're curious, so here it is, take a look at his voice working for Fears:

Also, we can't forget to finally announce that Amnesia: Fear in Hands is now themed with the two of the most important indie game composers here in Brazil: Guilherme Fernandes & Jackson Thomaz. Both of them are creating an unique and atmospheric theme for Fear in Hands, giving to the game the Brazilian feeling that it must have, showing to the people that we truly know how to make a terribly feeling of desperation. Take a look at the very first preview of the song, uploaded by J. Thomaz. The name of the song is The Spring of the Universe.

And for the last but not less important, the Russian Version of the game might be taking more time because of the translation delay. Do not worry, we are looking for new Russian translators and we still have a lot of free space for people to join the Russian V.A Team. Hope to see guys interested in making this possible for the Russian community. After the release, there is already scheduled an update with the Spanish & French support via download, in the future (but we'll not focus on that right now. The Russian translation is just a test to make sure that we can delivery our promise, and to proof that working with the community worth a lot and spend much less time!)

About a Demo & an Early Access... Well, a lot of people ask us that. We are ALREADY finishing the demo. We can't say much about it, but it will have all the original features of the full game: Open World (Sandbox style) & side-quests missions. We can only say that it'll be in the Daryon's universe, near the end of his campaign (but at the same time, not spoilering). The demo is coming soon, and will be available through the Linkr platform. You might not believe, but we will be sending a special version of the game for some people as Physic Media, with the Early Access Demo and the Early Access for the Full Game too, including the small movie that we've already announced that Gustavo Barbosa is producing, inspired in our game. You guys probably will have a lot of questions of why we are publishing a mod in a physic version too. But it's not only a mod that we'll be including there (it still will be free, but it's far more than just a mod... We can't say it now.).

Well, this is everything for now, hope you guys like it.
See you guys really soon in our next updates!

For more, check our website here: Blasterlizardbrazil.wix.com
And do not forget to follow us on Twitter: Twitter.com
Have a good day/night. See you all guys soon!

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