This group is for people who notice canononical contradictions within popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises and wish to discuss them in a safe, TROLL FREE, environment.

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Republic vs CIS War
Clone trooper vs Droids Clone trooper vs Droids

B2(s) vs. Phase II clone(s) (CaptainMazerolle 7 years ago)

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Heavy Star Cruiser Comparison Heavy Star Cruiser Comparison

Venator Star destoyer vs Providence... (CaptainMazerolle 7 years ago)

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Heavy Ground Unit Comparison Heavy Ground Unit Comparison

TX-130s vs ATT (CaptainMazerolle 7 years ago)


Artillery canons and such

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Promotions Promotions

Galatic Republic Vs CIS gaming... (delta289 7 years ago)

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Star Wars The clone wars (New and Old series)
Canon Issues with New Series Canon Issues with New Series

RIP Barriss Offee and Lumianra... (kyloren8 3 years ago)

RIP Darth Maul, Asaijj Ventress...

Clone Wars Lethal Trackdown and...

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Discuss likes and dislikes of both series Discuss likes and dislikes of both series

Things I liked in the OLD series... (Akalonor 7 years ago)

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