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you guys, please stop hurling racist and ideological hate upon each other....... slavic, polish, ruskies, yellow fever, people are people, we are born to this world to archive something in life, put hate aside, the world may not be easy for of us. But for the future, we come together.

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XFA24 Author

Damn I just uploaded a pic of Soviet YAK-25RV with epic sky and the comments were talking about something else far from topic, ah How I love ModDB *Grabs popcorn*

willychong8921 I agree on what you have said !

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Do forgive, the discussion could have concluded rather quickly.

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All I'm gonna say is this.. I just hope that I don't have to fight in World War 3.. I would like all matters to be solved the right way.. Orange I'm glad you like the US and NATO but it sounds like you have been out of the loop for a while.. You need to visit the US and get a glimpse of how **** is now a days compared to the 80s .. but from a person who is in the US right now.. Go from an old saying.. don't judge a book by it's cover. Everyone has a Agenda.. Russia had every right to take Crimea... It is of Strategic and economic value to Russia.. and a Nightmare if NATO grabbed it first.. We would be at war right now if NATO claimed Crimea.. Is the US training for war with Russia.. YES.. Do we want it to happen.. NO.. It would be bad for this planet if Russia and the U.S. Started fighting.. I hope this just stays Political and won't resort to violence on a Global scale but Orange has a point.. last time a country or a part of a country was annexed.. WWII started a couple years later.. lets just hope we learned from the past. Putin is a good man.. tries to look after his people.. Attempts to do the right thing... Can't say the same for Most of our Recent presidents.. To be honest the US has lost it's way.. on a lot of things.. The way things are going over here.. I would not be shocked if another Civil War did not break out.. or the United States gets a name change.. Because this country has gotten too sensitive.. Actually I think this planet is getting too sensitive. Everyone is thinking like a Beauty paginate contestant.. "World Peace" I don't think it will ever happen. In my lifetime anyway.. We are too aggressive for something like that to be even possible

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Just watch this.. It will give you a clue on how people think and act here

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I'm all for people loving the US but that video has a point. it seems that most people are just to quick to say that the US is #1 without taking a hard look at this country. sure I love the US but i can call it out on many things it does wrong in the world.

PS: i love watching that show :P

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Game Strike Fighters 2 Kamchatka map addon.

Yak-25RV NATO reporting name "Mandrake" was a high altitude reconnaissance version of the YAK-25 with new wing and camera and sensor packs in the fuselage. Some may have retained one cannon. 155 aircraft built.

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