In memory of the Army Men series featuring plastic soldiers fighting Tyranny, this group is to simply remember the days on the playstation, fighting the Tan enemies. sadly 3DO went out of business, leaving us to continue its series, help when you can so we can create more great mods and games in the name of Army Men

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Army men air attack Refined graphics and models
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legion999 Author

Now first notice how good the models are...this game was made before army men RTS, 3 years before in fact,the units in this game look far better then on RTS.

Now look at the tank on the far left. It has smoke rising from the barrel, and if you look closely you can see the smoke trail from the shell to the half-track.

Look at the at the other tank on the left, it has little yellow effects of bullets hitting it from the green helicopter and little white effects on the ground near it from the helicopter as well.

Lastly, look at the explosion. It sends 2 jeeps and a half-track flying through the air. But the most important aspect graphically here in my opinion is the lighting...see that yellow stuff near the explosion? That's light from the tank shell.

So i guess that's it...the Army men RTS that could have been.

From what i'v read, this is the Army men air attack on the Nintendo 64

Now please don't think i'm putting down Army men RTS, I think it's a great game...But I think this would have been so much better.

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agreed would be awesome if someone made a proper RTS version of army men based on the old PC and PS1 games in style.

Hell 4 main army's blue green tan and grey with each faction tech tree primarily consisting of US military tech ranging from WW1 to the present day.

Its resource system would be similar to Army men RTS.

Each faction would start at pre WW1 levels of tech and be able to move up to more advanced tech tree over time.

WW1 tech would be anything from 1900 to 1930s
WW2 tech would be 1940s to 1950s
Vietnam/Cold War tech would be 1960s to 1980s
And modern tech would be between 1990s and the present day.

And the game would have both air and navel forces for each faction as well. I was also thinking of letting the player have the ability to take full control of any of their units in 1st and or 3rd person as well. For example being able to take command of a squad of infantry or tanks.

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I've seen images like this before while looking around for Air Attack 2, but it's odd that screen shots of AA1 on the N64 and AA2 on the PS2 don't resemble these at all. It's a mystery to me where these came from. Either they are advertisement or taken from an emulator (unlikely, considering the extra lighting and better models).

I share the sentiments, though. How I wish to wage war in someone's backyard in the latest generation of graphics.

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ImperialKaskins Creator

I did some research around and it was Army Men Air Attack 1 on PSX


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Half tracks in mission 6????? Is this real or is a fan made picture????

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ImperialKaskins Creator

Is beta screenshot. The half truck does exist in Army Men Air Attack as a flame truck in Mission 8 if I recall.

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THIS...this should have been army men rts

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