"ZED ZONE - APOCALYPSE AHEAD" is a hardcore, sandbox, open-world survival crafting game inspired by predecessors such as "CDDA" and "Project Zomboid". The aim is to create a hardcore, realistic 2D zombie-apocalypse world with procedural generation, hardcore details, action elements and a great combat experience.
It's not just about smashing zombies in the head. You can also build a shelter, repair vehicles, craft equipment, choose your outfit and have loads of fun.
In its current stage, Zed Zone has over 40 unlockable technologies, 250 items, 32 different firearms, dozens of constructable objects and over 100 craftable items. And there's lots more to come, too.


  • Use vehicles to explore this open world.
  • Realistic vehicle physics simulation.
  • Detailed parameters such as the vehicle's driving form, power, gear ratio, etc..
  • Pay attention to maintaining your vehicle. The vehicle needs to be repaired, refueled, replaced the battery, and replaced the tires.

DeathQuarantine Driving 2


  • Blaster. Eating disorder patient before it happened. Create area pollution after the explosion.
  • Spitter. It may used to be a lung or stomach disease patient. Its organs continuously secrete venom.Throw attacks by vomiting venom.
  • Beast. Used to be fitness enthusiast. After mutation, it has a huge size and powerful strength.
  • Mutant infected. Certain reasons cause mutations in the infected person, and the skin becomes hardened and vegetalized. Make the infected harder to kill.

11 1280


  • Various types of melee and long-range weapons.
  • Craft your weapons and ammunition.
  • Modification of weapons.
  • 6 kinds of ammunition, for different firearms.

QuarantineZone WeaponTest


  • Build your own shelter
  • Collect resources and build facilities. Store supplies for the shelter, provide electricity, etc...
  • Manufacturing tools, weapons, ammunition.

original 1


  • A detailed survival experience.
  • Get supplies by searching houses, gathering, hunting or planting.
  • Sleeping bags, batteries, flashlights, etc. Hundreds of items for your found.


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"ZED ZONE - APOCALYPSE AHEAD" is a 2D open-world survival craft game set in a zombie apocalypse, and the Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page for ZED ZONE is now live. You can follow this project and get updates when we launch! Thanks !

Join us on Kickstarter::


can I have early access too

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