Z is a survival game set in a world infested with zombies with the perspective of a top-down shooter. Explore a world destroyed by disease, scavenge for supplies and weapons and survive as long as you can against the zombies and nature.


It's a cruel world.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated and fed.
  • Use medical supplies to heal up.
  • Stay safe throughout the night.


The only other option is death.

  • Unload your guns into hordes of zombies.
  • Try to keep a low profile by using silenced weapons and melee.
  • Or try to run away.


The bigger the better.

  • Find civilian grade weapons in towns.
  • Get military grade weapons from military outposts.
  • Find supplies to survive.
  • Find and harvest materials to rebuild.


Find what civilization has left behind.

  • Roam the world that was destroyed by disease.
  • Find the best places to gather supplies.
  • Visit the places of the old world.
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Devblog 27


Hospital building, new textures, loot spawning changes, optimization and more!


This devblog was originally supposed to come out September 29th but there was something wrong with the server and the site has been down for the past two weeks. Due to the way this was handled we have now changed hosts because of two weeks of downtime is unacceptable. There will still be another devblog in October.


A hospital has been added to the southern part of the map. It’s rather big and its a great place to find medical supplies. Other loot does spawn here but it’s not as common.

Loot Scarcity:

Finding loot in an area is no longer a guarantee as there is now a chance that nothing will spawn. This should make surviving a more challenging as you will have to search more places to find what you need.

Texture Changes:

  • Improved bed texture
  • New zombie corpse texture
  • New blood splatter texture
  • Improved blood pool texture
  • Improved shotgun texture
  • Improved AK texture
  • New dirt road texture


A good amount of changes have been made to zombies for this update. Spawning has been improved and they are much less likely to spawn inside objects. Idle zombies outside of the player’s view will be destroyed every so often so a new one can spawn. Zombie pathways are created at startup instead of manually and it now supports horizontal paths. A zombie surgeon texture was also added.


It came to my attention that the floors in buildings were decreasing performance when in view. After changing the type of object they were the problem was fixed. Other miscellaneous textures were optimized to decrease memory usage.

Minor Fixes and Changes:

  • Fix for zombies not spawning as other types
  • FPS counter changes
  • Fixed minor freeze with the game log
Devblog 29

Devblog 29


Quarantine Zone, Police Station, a new weapon, and more!

Devblog 26

Devblog 26


New textures, food replacements, damage changes, and more!

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