In the future, sustainability is the law and the eco-mentality has no limits.

In You Are Trash!, a casual game that mixes puzzles with platforming, the player takes control of Bananixo, a banana peel that desperatly tries to survive.

Complete every stage in two phases:

1) Solve the "Tetris-like" puzzles and recycle the elements;

2) Test your skills and make it to door, passing through the stage you've created by recycling.

Get things right and you will be compensated. Recycle metal and get a coin. Recycle plastic and get a gun. Recycle glass and get an invincibility potion. Recycle organic trash and get an apple. Recycle everything correctly and you'll even get a 500-point worth recycling combo!

But miss and you'll have to confront obstacles like spikes, malfunctioning toy robots, glass walls and a puddle of mud!

The difficulty grows through 42 stages that represent Bananixo's escapade. Every 5 stages, the player is presented with trivia about recycling.

Simply remember that your ultimate goal is to escape, because YOU are Bananixo! You Are Trash!

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YAT @ Google Code


If you'd like to contribute improving the game performance and solving the little bugs that may arise, we would recommend joining our Google Code page. You will still need the resources that can be fetched inside the jar file.

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You Are Trash! - Adrenaline Edition

You Are Trash! - Adrenaline Edition

Full Version

This is the same You Are Trash game you know, however, with a few major changes. 1) We've reduced the number of stages from 42 to 15. This was done in...

You Are Trash! - Source

You Are Trash! - Source

Source Code

This is the Java source code for You Are Trash!. Dependencies (GTGE and JLayer) are included. You can find the resources (images, music, etc.) inside...

You Are Trash!

You Are Trash!

Full Version 5 comments

You Are Trash! Please, unzip all the files to a folder and run the .bat if you can't run the .jar. This game requires Java 1.6 to run and may not be sound...

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