Ever dream of saving the world? World of Mines is your chance to rid the world of deadly killer mines, one country at a time, 178 countries in total. Which countries will you save first and who will you leave ‘til the end? The World of Mines offers a user-generated map mode to indefinitely have new maps to resolve


Every level is different, and the unique map shapes deliver a different style of fun.

  • Save the world by marking the locations of mines
  • Easy to control
  • Best, smoothest, fastest interface of any mines game
  • First clearance never explodes
  • Question Mark Mode: Turn on question mark mode to quickly mark suspect tiles
  • 178 countries available in variable map sizes and shapes for hours of fun


Best of all, create and tune your own maps for the players in the community for more fun! Import your own drawings or pics to pixelate them into custom maps and upload via Steam Workshop for others to enjoy. Moreover, choose among the five difficulty levels to make your map more challenging. We are looking forward to your opinions on how to improve World of Mines!



The objective of the game is to clear each country map of hidden “mines” or bombs without detonation, albeit with help from clues stating the number of neighboring mines for each tile. The player is initially presented with a world map, from which a country is chosen and played one at a time. The game is played by marking all tiles under which a mine is hidden with a flag and freeing up all tiles that do not have a mine underneath. If a tile containing a mine is revealed instead of being marked with a flag, the player loses the game. The digit displayed in tiles indicate the number of mines adjacent.

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It's time once again for #wishlistWednesday Here is a look of how you can create your own #minesweeper maps #Barcelona on World of Mines Creator's Edition. Please let us know if there is a city you want in the game.

#wishlistWednesday Here is a look of how you can create your own #minesweeper maps #Barcelona on World of Mines Creator's Edition." title="Steam Game Intro">Link to STEAM

Making Barcelona Level

Trailer of the game.

Other Videos on YouTube with Different Cities

World of Mines Creator's Edition 1.2.0 Update

World of Mines Creator's Edition 1.2.0 Update


Automatically flagging by Right-Clicking on the number in the immediate vicinity of the tile that is definitely suspected to be laid a mine.

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