Download the Google Play demo here:
Play the browser demo here:
Find the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign here:

Don't just kill your enemies, go medieval on them!

Help us finish development of Will of Flame, a shoot 'em up in which you don't just blast alien monsters with miniguns, shuriken crossbows and transmutation pistols that turn them into traffic cones... You also grab them with a tractor rifle and impale them on stalactites, feed them to sea monsters or throw them into quicksand pits!

Join our indiegogo campaign here and get a copy starting at €2 and many exclusive rewards, including designing your own customization items and Vengeful Kills!

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A new Will of Flame trailer titled "Don't just shoot 'em" has been released! In it you can see footage of new levels, new weapons, new Vengeful Kills and new gameplay elements like a deadly chase and a miniboss.

You can also download the demo on your Android device and try out a total of 6 new weapons that include a shuriken crossbow, a triple barrel shotgun, a minigun, a bounce rifle, a plasma rifle and a transmutation pistol that turns enemies into objects such as teddy bears and traffic cones. The browser demo has been updated to include all the new weapons as well. Below are the links to all the new stuff and to our crowdfunding campaign where you can support Will of Flame and help us finish development with all the content you see in the trailer and much more!

Download the demo from Google Play:
Play the demo in your browser:
Find out more about our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo:

WOF Dev Diary #1: Vengeful Kills

WOF Dev Diary #1: Vengeful Kills


Riddling alien monsters with bullets isn't enough in WOF. Learn about the many other satisfying and creative ways in which you can dispose of them to...

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