An unforgiving roguelike RPG PC video game set on a procedurally generated island. Explore and craft in the daylight. Survive the chaotic darkness. The game is over 4 years in development, and we are close to launching a Kickstarter. The game is: Hardcore, open-world, survival game: Survive as many days as possible, and each death means a new, randomly generated world and play-through. Advanced crafting system: Every piece of crafted equipment has random stats. Hundreds of craftable items. Randomly generated invasions and procedural generated islands. Building system: Build walls, traps, turrets, and other defenses in preparation for the night. Hunger: Plant crops, hunt for animals, and forage to stave off your hunger. Character selection: Choose from over 50 unlockable characters. Equipment: Items have randomly generated stats and abilities. When crafting items, you will rarely get the same result twice.

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Hi all! I just released a Kickstarter for Wild Light developed using Fusion!
I've been developing this with my brother for 4+ years and we are excited to start crowdfunding for it!

What makes this game stand out?

Wild Light takes features common in other survival games such exploring, crafting, and building but then places these in a roguelike, top-down, combat-oriented RPG. Wild Light is intended for shorter games that last until your character dies, and each game is full of procedurally generated content that keeps the experience new and exciting.

We wanted to create a true survival game that is difficult and rewarding, and that keeps the gameplay fun and fastpaced.

Visit our Website for more information about the game! We hope you back us on Kickstarter!

Add Wild Light to your Wishlist or Follow us on Steam:
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Here are some screenshots of the gameplay! Comment if you have any questions about the game!

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