This is a fast and easy-to-start 2D browser air combat game with deep mechanics. Take part in team fights up to 3 vs 3 players. Rounds are full of action and usually take about 1 minute. There are various game mechanics about missile guidance, thermal radiation and flight physics.

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Air combat in your browsers



Hello, everyone!

Do you remember I wanted to make something similar but faster and a bit more complicated...

So, I'm happy to introduce Web Planes - a browser multiplayer game about air combat.


  • Flight physics - you save your kinetic energy, you can stall, you loose controls at altitude. Some realistic maneuvers are possible(f. e. cobra).
  • Three types of missiles:
    • Infrared homing missiles - which uses realistic thermal radiation, so their guidance depends on flares, how hot they are, your engine state(on/off), relative engine position, clouds.
    • Radar homing missiles - long range missiles, but you must keep target in your radar cone.
    • High-explosive rockets - just rockets without any type of guidance.
  • Visibility - you can hide in clouds and avoid missiles. The enemy will not see you if you have clouds between.
  • You can choose your loadout and choose what types of missiles(you can combine different) you will have before start.

You can read how to play here.
And play here

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