Warside is a visceral multiplayer Sci-Fi shooter featuring classic 2D gameplay combined with RPG elements. Play as part of a small squad of elite troops fighting for resources and power across the galaxy. Create your own elite soldier and take him in to online battle in this visceral multiplayer Sci-Fi shooter. Use your unique abilities in full blooded combat with other players as well as hordes of monsters and gain tactical battlefield advantages over your enemies by hovering in mid-air, covering great distances in a single leap and hanging on walls to ambush your enemies. Use the flexible RPG system and wide array of equipment to advance and customize your character.

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Today we want to show you some more information about the in-game factions, character types and classes within Warside.

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Today we want to show you some more information about the in-game factions,
character types and classes within Warside.

Set against a futuristic backdrop of three powerful rival factions attempting to dominate
the galaxy, each with their own backgrounds and political ideologies, players choose
their allegiance to one of the factions which will determine their starting planet
within the game along with the equipment available to their character.
Each faction has their own unique weapon technology focus as well as individual armour
sets making each faction distinct on the battlefield.

Once the faction has been determined in Warside players can then select one
of four character types and from there one of five classes, with classes possessing
their own preferred weapon types and gadgets. These choices of faction, character
and class ensure a high level of customization is available to the player from the outset making
their character feel distinct and unique to them on the battlefield.

Galactic Commune: a communistic faction consisting mainly of industrial planets separated
from the Empire after the revolution. Typically they fight for freedom and equality.

New Empire: the remnants of the old aristocratic families gathered by a young charismatic leader
claiming to be the heir to the last Emperor. They fight to restore the Empire to its former glory.

Corporation Zetta: a company that evolved in to a giant conglomerate and become the dominant
corporation in the galaxy. They fight for their own profit and economical supremacy.

Faceless: high starting Speed, low starting Attack. Double-jump ability and can hang on walls.
Guardian: High starting Armour, low starting Speed. Antigrav that allows him to float above
the battlefield for a limited time.

Huntress: High starting Attack, low starting Armour. Dash ability allowing her to cover significant
distances very quickly.

Mercenary: Balanced starting stats. Has a Jetpack. The most balanced and intuitive of the classes.

Defender: Tank class. High armour and defence. Preferred weapons: machine gun, handgun.
Gadgets: stationary shield, extended shield.

Assault: Main damage class. High attack capabilities. Preferred weapons: assault rifles, melee.
Gadgets: rocket, stationary turret.

Infiltrator: Damage class with some control abilities. Preferred weapons: sniper rifle, shotgun.
Gadgets: poison dart, stunning trap.

Destroyer: Damage class focusing on area damage. Preferred weapons: rocket launcher, flamethrower.
Gadgets: grenade, mine.

Medic: Healer class, specializing in keep teammates alive. Preferred weapons: charger, small machine gun.
Gadgets: charging grenade, charging station.

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding classes, characters, factions
or any other aspects of the game. :)

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