FREE 2 player strategy wargame, or you can play against yourself. Control 2 armies locked in a civil war between the Frazulistas and the Arrojistas and fight 3 battle scenarios for the fate of the motherland!

Destroy all enemy units and capture all enemy cities to win! They're looking to do the same thing to you too... Cities are important centers of production allowing you to train more units, but not all cities are created equal. Some cities represent off map reinforcements and headquarters, while others have no production at all, but still give protection and unit healing.

Units have attack and defense values, which is how much damage the unit deals when on the attack and defense respectively. Only a few units have armor (APC + tanks) which decreases the percentage of damage taken.

At the heart of Viva la Revolucion is the vulnerability system. Vulnerability increases both HP and morale damage taken, and decreases the damage that a unit deals. There are 2 kinds of vulnerability, and they both count equally; vulnerability gained during your turn and vulnerability gained during your enemy's turn. Units gain vulnerability by being attacked or moving (if the setting is on). Since attacked units automatically fight back if they have enough leftover AP, they can also inflict vulnerability on the attacker unless they are destroyed by a fatal attack.

Vulnerability stacks so attacking one unit with multiple units in a single turn will be much more effective. Vulnerability gained during your turn is cleared at the beginning of your turn, but persists into the enemy's turn. Vulnerability gained during the enemy's turn is cleared at the beginning of the enemy turn. but persists into your turn. Thus, vulnerability can be exploited to deliver deadly counter attacks against overextended units.

New additions on the Viva la Revolucion gameplay:

Unit swapping
Unlike the first Viva la Revolucion you can now swap two units if they can move into each other's space. It's much easier to move your units around now and organize your front line. This also makes attacks with multiple units against a single target much easier to pull off.

Veterancy system
To denote units with different skill, they have veterancy level and can gain experience by fighting to gain more veterancy levels. These are shown by the yellow chevrons on the unit's tile. Veterancy increases a unit's damage in both offense and defense, and makes their morale harder to break, but doesn't make them any harder to kill physically.

Terrain combat effects
Some terrain is slow to travel through and costs more action points to move to. Some terrain gives you a combat advantage, or disadvantage. Cheap infantry may be mediocre on plains but can give you great value if stationed on a hill. Artillery range is also affected by hills, an artillery unit standing on a hill can shoot further than one not on a hill, AND artillery units have to be 1 tile closer to attack units if the enemy is on a hill. For example, the base range of artillery is 4 tiles, if a unit is on a hill, only enemy artillery on plains 3 tiles away can attack them, while a unit on plains can be hit by enemy artillery on hills from 5 tiles away. Some terrain like hills and forests are considered rough and will give combat and movement penalties to armored units. Rough terrain costs double AP for armored units to move into, and decreases their damage when they are defending on a rough tile, attacking into a rough tile, or attacking from a rough tile.

Morale system
Shock and awe the enemy units! Unit morale increases the more friendlies are nearby, and decreases if there are too many enemies nearby. Morale is decreased by taking damage, but the morale loss is magnified if the unit is already vulnerable. In combat units also gain a small amount of morale based on how much damage they deal, which is less than but still important to counteract the morale loss from damage taken. This means if a unit is heavily outmatched it will lose more morale, while a unit which is winning easily can actually gain some morale in the process. When a unit's morale runs out, it becomes broken, halving how much damage they deal. Broken units can also be pushed back if attacked, and if they're cornered, they take double damage. Morale can go into the negatives so a broken unit which is attacked even more can remain broken for a long time. When a unit is destroyed it impacts the morale of all units nearby, increasing morale of the enemies who destroyed them and decreasing morale of nearby friendlies. If you destroy enough units in a single turn you can cause enemy units to panic and become broken, at which point they're much easier to destroy and cause even more enemies to panic... You can break a big part of the enemy front line this way.

Zone of control system
Each tile keeps track of how many units of each side are adjacent to it, including units that are on the tile itself. The only exceptions are broken units and artillery, which only exert zone of control on their own tile. When one side has more units adjacent to a tile than the other, it falls under their zone of control. If both sides have the same amount of adjacent units to a tile, it becomes a disputed zone of control. Units can enter tiles in enemy or disputed control, but cannot move from it until the next turn, or if the tile's zone of control is flipped to their side mid-turn. You can flip a tile's zone of control mid-turn by either moving in one of your units to exert more control over it, or destroying/breaking an enemy unit that is exerting control over the tile. Units stuck in enemy or disputed zone of control can still attack. Zone of control restrictions don't apply to units with full action points remaining, so the first move can always bypass zone of control.

Moving adds vulnerability
When this setting is enabled, moving 1 tile will add 1 vulnerability. This is an important countermeasure against fast-moving units, which can only take full advantage of their speed in peaceful areas, or risk being vulnerable to a counter attack. Careful planning and staging of your assaults ahead of time is also needed to avoid being too vulnerable. But then again, that will give your enemy time to prepare for your attack...

Toggleable deterministic damage (no randomized damage)
When this setting is enabled, damage won't be randomized to up to double. This makes the game slower since less damage is dealt overall, but makes for a more pure strategy experience.

Weather system with rain
The weather can change each turn, if it gets cloudy enough it will rain. Rain makes all movement cost more, and heavy levels of rain decrease morale regeneration. You will always know what the weather on the enemy's turn will be, by seeing the predicted weather.

Scrollable 20x20 grid map
VLR1 had a grid, but it wasn't very polished. This grid is much better as it perfectly lines up, and the camera can be moved much faster.

New units: Commandos and APCs
The redundant militia unit from VLR1 is gone, now there are Commandos and APCs. Commandos are infantry units with more action points, making them better at navigating rough terrain and making hit and run attacks. APCs are medium-heavy units which are slightly weaker than tanks, but have just as much speed.

Toggleable features in the settings menu
If you find some of the features too confusing, or want to turn on deterministic damage, you can here. Play how you want!

Tutorial pages
There are 3 pages with information on the main menu, they will help you understand the game. Don't worry there aren't actually 10 pages lol

3 different battle scenarios
The 3 scenarios will take you to very different battlefields, each framing a different stage in the revolution and civil war. One is a chokepoint heaven with rough terrain, one is a relatively open field battle over a crossroads, and one is an epic city siege with tons of units. The Frazulistas (blue) generally start with more units, but fewer cities than the Arrojistas (red).

VLR2 now has music! When the situation is relatively peaceful, it plays a certain set of songs while you plan and maneuver, and when widespread combat begins, it switches to another set of more tense songs. I think you'll like them

More sounds!
The battlefield comes alive in VLR2 with the addition of a large range of combat sounds for infantry, APCs, tanks, and artillery. There are now also moving sounds, that are either marching (for infantry units) or machine and engine sounds (for mechanized/armor units).

Infantry entrenchment
To level the imbalance between infantry and armor units, infantry units that end their turn with full AP remaining entrench themselves, increasing their resistance to damage. If the unit moves, it loses its entrenchment, but entrenched units can still attack adjacent units without losing their entrenchment, so they can still effectively control the area around them.

All music by Kevin MacLeod

Main menu music:
Second coming no percussion

Action music:
Black Vortex, Crusade, Five Armies, Volatile Reaction, All This, Nerves

Peace music:
Oppressive Gloom, Our Story Begins

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Viva la Revolucion 2 War in Paradise full download (2023 update)

Viva la Revolucion 2 War in Paradise full download (2023 update)

Full Version

That's it, it's free! Just double click the .jar file to open and play. Have fun! I updated it to add some cool new extra features

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