Visual Out is a Metroid-like platformer set in the depths of an obsolete, dying computer. Play as an escaped program and traverse different sectors of the computer, uncovering the secrets leading up to your creator's demise.

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Visual Out by MadameBerry Games is a "Cyber-Junk" Metroidvania set within the depths of a dying computer. Using data-scrambling abilities like the Jammer, Current, and more, uncover the secrets behind the demise of your creator.

Started as a Ludum Dare project and made in Construct 2, Visual Out celebrates outdated tech, pixel art, and glitches. It has a greater focus on exploration and problem solving, using your abilities to evade, confuse, and hijack your enemies rather than simply overpowering them.

There is a demo from 2015 on (content is from alpha).

View the Trailer:

Also here are some screenshots!

Thank you for reading, and consider throwing Visual Out a vote!

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