Vecter is a fast-paced runner (and at some point shooter) game where your goal is to survive by the skin of your teeth. You get in your ship, you push the throttle on max, rip it out of the console and then try to survive for as long as possible. There are obstacles, there are enemies, there are power-ups and there will be plenty more to come! I hope you're good at staring contests because you will not have the luxury of blinking! I hope you like retro wireframe graphics because I'm all about that. synthwave is my jam!

Get Vecter right now! It's free!

If you want to keep up to date with every second of development you can follow me on my twitter or join my discord server

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Hi IndieDB,

I'm very happy to announce that Vecter finally made its way to IndieDB and is available for all to enjoy completely free!

I'm very excited to be able to make my game available to the world! Launching is absolutely nerve-wrecking and by no means am I done developing. I wanted to have people playing as early as possible so you can all submit your feedback and help me shape this title into one of the best racing games out there.


I've made it available straight on IndieDB for everyone's convenience, but you can also get it from GameJolt, Itch, Discord and straight from my website.

That's enough blabber from me, here are some images and I hope you have fun! Let me know what you think allright?

Image 2

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The Daily Leaderboard

The Daily Leaderboard


The Levels in Vector are generated daily and are unique each day, but all players get to play the same level. As such, when you are competing for the...

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Full Version 2 comments

Run the installer, this will install the launcher on your computer and once you run the launcher it will download the latest version of itself and of...

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