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In Valiant Saga, live the experience of a kingdom in despair. An evil sorcerer has seized the legendary relic known as the Scepter of Desolation, which, according to legend, is able to grant the absolute darkest powers to the one who finds it.

Wielding the Scepter of Desolation, Reignhart has become a Necromancer, and thirsts for revenge against the kingdom of Filgaia. His power nearly unstoppable, Reignhart must be stopped before the realm is bathed in blood.

- 2D Game in "ClassicVania" Style.

- Original Pixel Art.

- Exclusive Epic Metal Soundtrack

- Challenging difficulty.

- Choose stages through the World Map, and return to them again to access more areas and secrets.

- Talk to NPCs around villages to learn more of your enemy and the world.

- Use items stored in your inventory to help you in your quest.

- Collectible Relics and Secondary Missions enhance the story and add replay factor

- Improve your skills as you progress through the game.
- Non-linear progression.
- Captivating storyline.

With your Mighty Axe, fight against the Necromancer Reignhart, and his terrible forces of darkness.

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Valiant Saga on GreenLight!


Hello guys! We´re a IndieGame Studio from Brazil.

We have an indiegame inspired by the GBA's Castlevanias in development. So, I need your help to get the GreenLight on Steam. We´ll share a lot things about our workflow on IndieDB, and we hope receive your feedbacks and opinions. Thanks :)

Would you help me to make your fans to know this project?
GreenLight: Steamcommunity.com

print 3

Find new ways and secrets!

Faster! The Kingdom needs your!

Hardcore level Design.

Fight to save yourself

Amazing pixer Art!


Valiant Saga

You can vote us on GreenLight: Steamcommunity.com

Valiant Saga - New Updates

Valiant Saga - New Updates


Hey guys! We made a lot of updates on our demo. We improved the Sound Effects, Visual Effects and the Player´s animations, as well. You can check it...

Valiant Saga - We got the GreenLight! Thank you!

Valiant Saga - We got the GreenLight! Thank you!

News 3 comments

We got the Greenlight on Steam. Thank you so much! So, now, we will continue our development and we´ll publish some updates here and on Youtube, stay...

Valiant Saga - New ClassicVania is coming!

Valiant Saga - New ClassicVania is coming!

News 2 comments

In Valiant Saga, live the experience of a kingdom in despair. An evil sorcerer has seized the legendary relic known as the Scepter of Desolation, which...

Final Sprint on GreenLight!

Final Sprint on GreenLight!


Yeah! Our position on GreenLight is #50!!! We´re almost there!

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