Undercurrent is a first person adventure interactive experience for the Oculus Rift. In which you play through the perspective of controlling a deep-sea all-terrain vehicle called The MARV. Replenish your oxygen supply, solve puzzles, escape subterranean monsters and discover the mystery of Bermuda's iron graveyard. Propel yourself through an immersive underwater environment and experience the world beneath the waves. Escape the familiar, drift past new and unique plants, creatures and oceanic structures.

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Announcing support for Oculus Rift this week gave us some awesome media coverage and plenty of excited people rushed to give us their feedback and suggestions.
After a little news flurry we've ended up on the front page of almost every major gaming blog this week, what a great surprise! We really appreciate any suggestions and criticism that you might have, and hope to incorporate it into the game.

We've also set up a bunch of hubs for the community to revolve around and pose questions to us from. Whatever you use, we'll be there.

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Undercurrent Prototype Alpha 0.5

Undercurrent Prototype Alpha 0.5


This Underwater Exploration demo for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset will give you a taste for the kind of experience we’re crafting within...

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IcarusPheonix - - 6 comments

is the oculus rift system required to play? in the descrpition, it says for the oculus rift, but im just wondering if its optional to not use it.

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Rojoyinc - - 11 comments

I keep seeing these (rather silly) emails asking if the VR games on this VR database site will work without VR. There are thousands of non VR games out there. Why are you here if you don't have VR?

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MUZIKnFILM - - 1 comments

This game installed, but when running it , the camera tilts rapidly back and forth side to side. Anyone else having this problem? Please help!

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Hostliner - - 15 comments

I have the same thing its driving me nutts..

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Chard6 Creator
Chard6 - - 3 comments

If that's the case then I'm afraid your machine does not reach the minimum required specs. sorry!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
JustineTan - - 10 comments

i used oculus rift :D

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Tronilous - - 3 comments

It would be nice if it worked.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GhOsT-VaMpIr3 - - 59 comments

It Downloaded Correctly but It won't start, It says there was a problem then it closes D:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
GhOsT-VaMpIr3 - - 59 comments

You should make a second one, but of Titanic C:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
twistedmylittlepony - - 20 comments

so does this game actually work i downloaded the prototype and idk if it works

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