Uncopy is a puzzle game where your aim is to destroy all movable blocks that fly on the game field. How? Just place blocks of the same type together, and they will perish! Sounds easy, but you can move blocks only in two directions, and your brain is your only weapon. Find the best sequence of moves which will make the game field clean, and don’t forget about gravity! Features: * More than 60 levels * 4 realms where action takes place * Cool graphics * Challenging puzzles

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Uncopy is now on iPhone!


Recently the game was approved by Apple and is now live on the App Store. You can buy it for 0.99$ here. The best game experience can be expected on iPhone 5 and 4S.

I will be happy to receive feedback, so feel free to comment and rate the game.

Uncopy Released on Desura

Uncopy Released on Desura

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A puzzle game where your aim is to destroy all movable blocks that fly on the game field.

SlickWhiteRabbit - - 591 comments

Don't mean to accuse, It's just Uncopy has exactly the same game play as Brix; then again, once you've played one brick buster, or match three or Rush game..............

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0xc0dec Creator
0xc0dec - - 1 comments

Hi, thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, I never played those games and never played any games on Amiga as well :( Uncopy was actually inspired by a very old mobile game that I had on my phone a couple of years ago. I loved that game very much and always wanted to make something similar for PC.

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SlickWhiteRabbit - - 591 comments

Apart from the skinning this is virtually an exact copy of a game called Brix that was released on the Amiga and DOS back in the early 90's:

You can get the game on abandonware sites for example:


You'll need to use DOSBox to play the game though as it was pre Windows

P.S. Hi Oxc0dec, did you get this idea independently, or have you played Brix in the past and thought you'd make something similar?

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