Uncharted Peak is a web browser turn based role-playing game.
It is free to play, but there are optional payment options to enhance your game.
- Battle monsters in turn-based tactical combat on a battlefield grid.
- Find equipment, trade it with your friends and create the best warrior.
- Fight other players in duels or guild versus guild challenges.
- 15 zones featuring hundreds of different monsters.
- Hundreds of items with own magic and unique versions.
- Quests to show you the path ahead.
- Find exclusive mounts and fill up your stable.
- Three character races with their own unique bonuses: Humans, Dryads and Demons.
- Six different player classes with unique spells and playing styles: Templar, Monk, Berserker, Enchanter, Guardian and Rogue.
- Each class has six different feats and one ability, in addition to its special attributes.
- Statistics to track your progress.
- Take part in the online community with personal profile pages, guild pages and ladders.

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Two years have passed since we began making a browser game with focus on good replay value and competitive gameplay. A game with turn based combat and a Diablo-like item system. Spend regenerating action points to progress in this free-to-play title.

Begin your journey in the peaceful harbor of Pelican's Beak and climb the mountain as you battle your way to the peak. Compete against other players on the ladder and boast about your achievements on your profile page or the forums. Start a guild, invite your friends, and compete against other guilds.

Register a profile here to start playing. If you register before October you will also become a pioneer and receive a lifetime 25% discount in our web shop. You can read more at our feature page and remember to check out the database while progressing through the game. Have fun!

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