the story

Play as Drake Smith, a young adult inspired by the multiverse theory to create a device that allows dimensional travel possible. Drake Smith has been a vigilante for over a year, fighting crime under an unknown hero alias. After discovering a mystical artifact, Drake Smith has an epiphany that someone is trying to destroy every known dimension that has ever existed. Suit on as Drake Smith goes around the Multiverse in search for this mysterious figure and stopping him from destroying every reality. You have to fight against time, even though time is relative. Your actions can have consequences in other realities. You are the only one that can stop him.

the game

Ultimate Reality is a Pixel Art Platformer where your actions have consequences. Use your dimensional abilities to fight hordes of enemies and boss battles that will leave you shaking. These dimensional abilities are versions of what different dimensions would look like in our three-dimensional world. Ultimate Reality also has different levels and maps where you will be able to explore and find different puzzles to find the mysterious figure. This game has modern mechanics such as finishers, puzzles and a compelling story told in side-scroller style game.


- More than 5 different suits with different fighting styles

- 10 different unlockable dimensional abilities

- 5 different maps located in different dimensions

- Emmersive combat system that includes, combos, gadgets, and finishers

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After long nights and amazing days, the demo for Ultimate Reality will launching next week! I am proud to present to all of you the game beacuse it means I was able to make my childhood creation into a reality! Ever since I was 12 I was thinking about making a super hero who can travel the multiverse. I decided to start making comics about my hero under the title name of Ultimate Reality. As it turns out, making a comic as a kid can be very hard, specially when you lack to skills to draw(you'll see it below!) You can watch a trailer here

Screen Shots5

I decided to make Ultimate Reality because I felt I was doing justice to the character that was so dear to my heart. After learning the GameMaker Studio engine and releasing my very first game Hacker.exe, I decided to be ambitious and start working on Ultimate Reality. I hope all of you that are willing to give the game a try enjoy it because it's been a blast to work on this game and make it!


I If you are interested in knowing more about the journey, the game or about me, here are some links below where you can find more info!






UR comic

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Ultimate Reality Demo

Ultimate Reality Demo


The official demo of Ultimate Reality where you can play the game! This game has controller support!

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