Übergame is a free open source, realism like, multi-purpose, multiplayer, casual, first-person-shooter game.

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==Notice, this review was originally posted by me on Steam Greenlight==

Übergame is by all means a bad fps game. The sound for each shot is off, I shoot 10 bullets, see 10 flashes and shells, but only hear 6 shots being fired. When switching to the pistol the running animation in first person is absolutely hilarious. Strafing in third person, equally bad. The fact that there is only one map and the difference between the four maps is how light/dark it is and how much fog there is in the map. With the game on max quality there was nothing to awe over and the map felt dry and not interactive. The map itself contains copy and pasted buildings so it appears as if the game is more complete but it actually isn't. The map editor is hidden in the game, exposed by pressing F9, even though there is an Editor mode, the map editor button is hidden from the controls. Something that should be hidden however is the 3rd gun which has the ammo of 1/0 and shares the model with the assault rifle but the gun does not fire. I also found a mine in the game that was hot-keyed for the number 4, the mine itself must be activated by pressing some button on the keyboard because when I restarted the map the mine was gone. I never got to try P.v.P. because nobody was on the game, for good reasons too. This game is bad. The developer is trying to sell this game solely on the fact that it will be free. This game overall is an unfinished nightmare of an FPS and should have stayed in development rather than being put on greenlight.


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