Trivia Throwdown is a climb-the-mountain trivia / quiz challenge with a fighting game style, designed for a wide range of knowledge levels.


  • ❓ 2500+ questions designed to not repeat until you've exhausted all in a given category.
  • 🌍 Optional American Bias Filter: This game was developed in the US, so many questions skew toward American topics. For international players, this filter captures most of those questions (mainly in the categories Geography & Politics, History, and Sports).
  • 🀨 More than just a casual game! Trivia Throwdown’s unique promotion/relegation Ascent Mode means you can spend hours climbing to the top of 10 ranks of escalating difficulty – every match carries the stakes of bringing you one step closer to ranking up or down.
  • β™ŸοΈ Strategic gameplay: both breadth of knowledge and playing up your own strengths are rewarded. You can still win even if your knowledge is weak in one or two categories!
  • πŸ‘ͺ Five distinct difficulties accomodate a wide range of skill levels. With an optional adult content filter and novice-level difficulty setting, even kids can play!
  • πŸ“ˆ Dynamic difficulty scaling: questions become harder or easier based on your performance.
  • πŸ’‘ Equal parts pop-culture and academic trivia from the following categories: Movies & Television, Literature & Fine Arts, Games, General Knowledge, Geography & Politics, History, Music, Science & Technology, and Sports.
  • 🎡 Vibrant electronic soundtrack featuring 20+ synthwave, ambient hip hop, and 16-bit beat 'em up chiptune tracks.
  • πŸ›‹οΈ Local couch multiplayer - square off against a frienemy for a quick match (play with 2 controllers, or share a keyboard), or alternatively recruit them to feed you answers and help you top the Ascent Mode!
  • ⏲️ Play as long as you like - Progress is saved after each question, so you can play for any stretch of time.

Special Thanks to PixelTail Games (developer of TowerUnite, also available on Steam) and their Open Trivia Database for providing hundreds of additional questions.

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Knowledge is power! Vanquish 10 wise warriors in this 1P/2P climb-the-mountain trivia challenge with a fighting game style, designed for a wide range of knowledge levels.

Steam page (out now!)

Features Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay Features:

2500+ questions

Strategic gameplay (play to your strengths)

Question difficulty rises and falls based on recent performance

Unique 10-level campaign (play solo or have a friend help with answers)

Local multiplayer

With 5 difficulty levels and optional filters for adult content and American-biased questions, essentially anyone can play








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