ToyBox Security is a team based online multiplayer FPS with no guns, only traps. Play as a kid hired by ToyBox Security, Inc., a home security company ran entirely by kids, and set booby traps to defend the home from burglars while the owners are out of town. Or play as the robbers and steal everything that isn't nailed down while avoiding the kid's traps.


As an agent of ToyBox Security, you must defend the house, find components, craft, and place traps in order to thwart the dimwitted burglars. Don't get caught by the robbers or it's all over. Oh, and avoid causing too much damage to the house, it's coming out of your pay!


Steal everything from TVs and VCRs to toasters and toothbrushes while avoiding the kid's traps. Be quick about it, the police are on the way. Just be sure to keep your shoes during the robbery, losing them exposes you to additional traps (rat traps, anyone?).


Play online with up to 4 players per match. Choose your team, character, house, and let the hilariousness unfold. Work together as kids to chain your traps together and inflict maximum pain on the burglars. Cooperate as the robbers by throwing loot to each other for faster stealing and extinguish each other if you get set alight! Take on AI bots in Practice Mode to hone your strategies and skills, or squad up with your friends.


  • Up to 4 player team-based online PVP
  • Plenty of minigames (safecracking, lockpicking, and more)
  • Large and regularly updated list of traps and valuables, including holiday themed!
  • Innovative shoe system


ToyBox Security is regularly updated with free updates that bring new traps, components, valuables, and even houses. Holiday updates are massive and are sure to hype your holiday spirit. Currently included Holidays: Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day.

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Greetings fellow gamers and game developers, I'd like to take a minute of your time to say that: ToyBox Security has been officially announced and the Steam Page and Announcement Trailer is live!

What the heck is ToyBox Security? You may have seen some of my TikToks about the game which already explain the game, but I'll explain it again:

It's multiplayer "Home Alone".


You play as the kids crafting and strategically placing booby traps around the house to defend it from those pesky (player-controlled or AI) burglars. You get to use anything as traps from toy cars and marbles to blowtorches, car batteries with jumper cables, and even a potato launcher!

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Or you can play as the robbers and plan your robbery carefully. As the robbers you can steal basically every object in the house except the structure itself. You can even steal a toothbrush (approved by the American Dental Association). ToyBox Security has a state-of-the-art, innovative "podiatric protective algorithm" or in layman's terms "shoe system". You must keep your shoes on as the robber else you risk opening your feet up to extreme pain from broken ornaments to rat traps.


Wishlist ToyBox Security and share the Steam page with anyone you think may love the game, and ask them to wishlist it as well.

P.S.: yes there will be major holiday themed updates :)

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