Tidewoken is a multiplayer turn-based combat strategy game with heavy focus on competitive PvP. You choose between 5 character classes and over 200 unique skills to defeat your opponents.

Play one versus one while controlling multiple characters or fight together with your team in three versus three, each of you focusing on a sole character.

Build your own team of characters and experiment to find the strongest skill combinations and win in the Tournament of the Tidewoken.

Tidewoken features multiple environments with different layouts. Adapt to combat in open and in close quarters, make use of cover and position your characters to outplay your opponents.

Tidewoken comes with over 45 skills per character, including unique legendary skills. Each character is able to equip up to 10 skills and choose from various talents, called Ornaments.

Ornaments range from basic beneficial effects like bonus damage, to more complex buffs, affecting your entire play style.

Create new and unique builds and outsmart your opponents to win.

Core features:

  • Competitive Multiplayer - Everything in Tidewoken is centered around a fair and competitive player vs player match. No luck based values, no random effects, just pure skill.
  • Customization - We love replayability. With hundreds of different skills, 5 classes and talents we ensure that every match is a unique experience.
  • Combat Log - All important actions are logged into the combat log. View the impact of damaging, healing and protection skills in the scoreboard.
  • Handcrafted maps - Although our focus is on gameplay, we're working hard to provide beautiful visuals and environments to enjoy.
  • Gamemodes

    - Control multiple characters in 1 vs 1's
    - Focus on your character in 3 vs 3's
    - Co-Op PvE battles are in development!

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Tidewoken is an indie Turn-Based Multiplayer Battle Arena with focus on challenging battles made by the small development team The Great Flood. The game includes extensive character customization, with over 200 skills, 4 classes and more than 30 unique perks. Featuring competitive PvP and co-op dungeons with up to 4 players.

The team will hold a closed alpha test starting in February or March 2021 and is looking for new testers to try out the game.
You can join the alpha test using this sign-up: Forms.gle

Visit the Steam Store Page for more information about the game: Store.steampowered.com

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