The Wizard's Lair is a roguelike with roots in the Classics and Mystery Dungeon series of roguelikes - procedurally generated levels, many monsters and traps, powerful weapons and secrets to find on your quest to destroy the Wizard of Anarkhis!

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Too expensive for what it is. There are better roguelikes out there that cost less, or are free. Sorry, but for 7,99€ i expected better graphics, sound, controls and gameplay.

The game is very easy to complete and play. A I needs alot of work as they just step out infront of you to die. If you want challenge and gameplay get Tales of Majeyal here on desura. Oustanding game. As for this game it is a waste of 10$ for sure, wait till its lower in price as there is only 30 small levels and a boss every 10 levels. Needs alot of work but i definetly enjoyed myself though.


classic and fun, what's not to like?!

Wizard's Lair is a good roguelike to give it a try but there are things that didn't keep me going.

Graphics could get a bit better - some wall & floor variations wouldn't hurt as well as some eyecandy stuff.

Interface is a bit confusing before you get used to it which includes navigation through your inventory and all.

Gameplay is a bit too linear and straightforward for me which is not necessarily bad - roguelike newbies may find this game perfect to start with.

If you ignore all this, you'll find nice time playing it - there are quite some items, spells & potions to play with as well as many levels featuring different enemies.


Terrible controls and interface, and absolutely no attempt at making the graphics mesh together, it seems like. I don't just mean they're too simple, as I'm generally fine with simple graphics, I mean that they clash and provide no sense of visual aesthetics.

A no-frills, pick-up-and-play roguelike.

Not too bad, but not really worth the $$$!

I have no idea why you think this is worth 8 bucks, this is a simple made game that takes no time to complete. you haven't put much work at this at all unless you are a newb that just learned to code, this is worth only about 1-1.5 bucks.

****** black outlines around all sprites make it look like a bunch of windows icons.

Buy your 8 year old GameMaker or Construct 2, they can make this game for you in about 1 weekend. (with better graphics)


Nice little roguelike!

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