What is it?

"The Quest Giver" aims to put you in the position of the person that gives out quests in your RPG of choice. If you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own quests and have adventurers carry them out for you, this might just be the thing you seek. You will likely find that quest giving is not an easy task though. You have to do your homework on monsters and fiends, study the worldmap, and organize rewards for the brave people who accept your quests. After all, if you send heroes to the wrong place or maybe against an enemy way too tough for them, it could get... unpleasant. So make sure to do your research.

Some background

"The Quest Giver" is an old project we couldn't realize back in the days due to a lack of... lots of things.
It has been resting for a few years now, while we created another game (Wait - Extended).
In the meantime we have gained new team members, a bigger experience pool and new technical possibilities, which means nothing will be standing in our way this time to finish this beautiful project.

Development status

After trying out different art styles we have finally managed to get things settled and are currently finishing a prototype for testing purposes. The design is done, but we have yet to see, if it the game flow works (and feels) as we imagine it.

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Hello everyone,

we're finally back with some news.
First of all, we completely updated our IndieDB site, replaced old screenshots with new ones, and added some new videos.

After lots and lots of development and design changes, we finally have a working demo version, which is currently in a "closed" state for testing purposes. After all testing and adjusting is done, we'll release the demo for everyone to play, in 2 to 3 weeks.

Furthermore, if you interested in seeing what the gameplay of The Quest Giver is like, we released a small gameplay video, which shows some of the features you'll be able to experience yourself in the demo.

We hope you enjoy, and we're looking forward to releasing that demo.


The Quest Giver is now live on Kickstarter

The Quest Giver is now live on Kickstarter


The Kickstarter campaign for "The Quest Giver" has started. Come on over and have a look. Who knows? Maybe "quest giving" is just the right job for you.

Kickstarting in November

Kickstarting in November


The Quest Giver will be coming to Kickstarter in the beginning of November.

Moritaras - - 7 comments

Sound pretty funny. Tracking it and looking forward :)

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