The P.E.E.A.C Droid project is the first Jackawaka's games and is planned to be sold on the online gaming platform "steam". The P.E.E.A.C droid project is a singleplayer 2D platformer with action and RTS style elements, You can dig and destroy the terrain using explosives and various tools to gain materials or to hinder their opponents. Metals can be found underground and used to create buildings that provide the player with usefull equipment and abilities. You can either directly attack their opponents by creating weaponry or by creating small droids that fight under your command.

The P.E.E.A.C Droid project is planned to have a fully voice acted campaign mode and a "free roam" mode. The free roam mode lets you select a world type group, a more specific world type will be chosen from that group and then the player can build and do as they please.

please note: This game is still heavily under construction and many features and optimisations are not implemented yet.


>create a further in depth command system for friendly droids.
>create a large variety of plasma, ballistic and explosive weapons.
>add a lot more back items and fix back item equipping.
>create a large variety of world types, general groups will include nature,cold,hot,aquatic,desolate and many more.
>create various more buildings that can build friendly droids.
>Include Free roam mode and campaign mode.
>Create space ship combat

All assets that have been used have been made by Jackawaka.

No assets may be used without written permission from Jack Mayor.

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As many people may have noticed, the progress on The P.E.E.A.C droid project has been extremely slow.
I would blame this on homework and school work but also gaming is part of the problem. Soon, I will be leaving my high school and will have a whole 12 weeks in front of me. I plan to use up this time effectively by learning music theory, growing my youtube channel, working on the P.E.E.A.C droid project, getting better at blender and learning c# through unity.

By doing this, I will finish the P.E.E.A.C droid project demo or may just release a full version that doesn't have a campaign mode but just free roam. As I work on the game I will post regular updates on this and my youtube channel.

improvements have been made to the look of the bots and commands, now I'll work on the enemy and an "enemy commander" to build structures and control its units!

planned features include:

adding more depth to the rts style system
creating more droid types and buildings that can produce them
adding tonnes of new world types to explore
more weapons and enemies
including all of the metals
relic items
enemy structures

slow but steady progression!

slow but steady progression!


its been a while since i've updated the page, but things are slowly coming together.

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