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The Little Brave is a 2D action-adventure metroidvania genre video game about a little hero by the name of Keely who decided to undertake a dangerous journey. This is an exciting adventure in which Keely will reveal the secrets of ancient legends, gain the bravery and strength on the path.

Keely lives in a world in which a long time ago there was magic. But one day a terrible curse distorted the magical places. Keely dreams to undertake an adventure to discover the mystery of forbidden lands. Once fate gives him such a chance...

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Gameplay Features


In a previous article, I wrote about Keely's Journey in the Forbidden Lands. This time I would like to talk about the gameplay and the main features in the game.


In the meantime, I've worked on the gameplay and core mechanics and added a number of gameplay enhancements.

Journey Chapter

Keely goes through the wardens trail, he will have to pass many challenges, to understand the device of the old mechanisms, to fight with dangerous enemies and find the way to the lair of the beast.

Mechanism Gameplay Moment

Keely use the mechanism to make his way. The game has several of these places in which you must solve a puzzle and use the mechanism to go further forward. Besides solving puzzles player will face with enemies who inhabit the forbidden lands.

Fight Gameplay Moment

Everyone who stay in the forbidden lands for a long time has a sad fate to turn into a mad creature and wander aimlessly. There are several types of enemies in the game with their own specific behaviors.


Player receives experience points after defeating enemies, solving puzzles and discovering new areas. Points can be used to unlock new skills.

Experience And Skills

Skills are divided into Bravery and Mythic. Mythic skills can unlock only after finding a piece of magic, which is guarded by spirits of the wardens.

Each warden has a unique magic. In the battle, magical skills give a great advantage and allow you to change the course of the battle in your favor.

Viva Gameplay Moment 1

The Forbidden Lands hold many secrets and some places can only be accessed by using special magic.

Trap Gameplay Moment

Keely got in trap of time. To overcome the magical barrier, you need the magical stone "The Shard of Soul"

Blow Gameplay Moment

To burn these roots you need defeat the mighty boss and obtain the stone "The Heart of Fire"


The Beast will chase Keely, at such moments you can only escape. In these moments you need to be fast to avoid the claws of the monster.

Narrative Scene

During the journey in the Forbidden Lands, Keely will discover the mystery of these lands and open the story of the wardens struggle against the Fallen, who unleashed a curse and destroyed magical places. The player will be able to find such an echo memories and collect medallions to increase his health.

Vision Gameplay Moment


Overcoming all the trials and finding artifacts Keely can gain enough bravery and strength to fight the beast and save his little sister Weyka.


  • Explore the forbidden lands;
  • Solve puzzles;
  • Overcome treacherous traps;


  • Use a combination of melee weapon, ranged attacks, and mythic magic;
  • Fight against sinister enemies;


  • Find the last pieces of gone magic;
  • Defeat the mighty wardens;
  • Reveal the mystery of the legendary past;


  • Find and save Weyka is a younger sister of Keely;
  • Slay a monster of the forbidden lands.

Be brave with Keely, stay tuned for updates, and add The Little Brave to your wishlist.

About Keely's Journey

About Keely's Journey


This time I would like to tell you more about Keely's journey and his most dangerous enemy, the Beast of the Forbidden Lands.

A new Artworks and Bosses

A new Artworks and Bosses


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Results of the Steam Next Fest

Results of the Steam Next Fest


I would like to share with you my results of participation in Steam Next Fest. Also, I am happy to say that you already can play 'The Little Brave' Demo.

Demo and Steam page

Demo and Steam page


Today I would like to tell you about my preparation for the release of the demo version. Also, I am happy to say that you can add 'The Little Brave' to...


Look gorgeous!

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