The Eight Seas is a Pirate themed platformer being developed for Windows (and possibly Android).

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Jul 3 2013 Anchor

I cannot say for sure whether or not you would get paid. What we are doing is looking at the game when it's done and if we and our testers think it is good enough we will be putting it on Desura and Steam (via Greenlight). If / when we do this, you would receive a percentage of the proceeds. I cannot say how high or low that percentage will be at this time, but I can assure you it won't be something stingy like 0.5%. It will be a decent fair amount. There are also plans to port it to android as well, if all goes well.

If you are interested in any position, please create a topic in this forum with the title of the position you want to apply for. In the topic please include your age, contact information, availability and some samples of your work.

--Current openings--

Environment Artist:
We need an artist who specializes in environments or to be more specific, somebody who is really good at making tilesets and miscellaneous brick-a-brack to throw about the levels.
Key Responsibilities~
-Working with character artist to define the art style.
-Working to a specific art style.
-Producing concept art for your visions of the level.
-Creation of tilesets for all worlds.
-Creation of all miscellaneous items.

--Previous openings--

Character Artist:
We are also in need of somebody to design our characters. This includes the player and all enemies.
Key Responsibilities~
-Working with Environment Artist to define the art style.
-Working to a specific art style.
-Working with the Story Writer and Designers to interpret their ideas as well as your own for the characters and enemies. (obviously, your input at this stage carries just as much weight as theirs).
-Producing concept art for the characters
-Creation of sprite sheets which can be animated for each character in the game. If you are interested in either of the positions please let me know.

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