What is the Chamber?

The Chamber is a personal project developed by only 1 person (myself), at first it was planned to be 2 week project but due to some delays it is still being worked on.

Story behind the Chamber?

During World War 3 soldiers that have fallen have been turned into cyborgs in a distant laboratory. They must pass a number of various logical and physical tests in order to become a fighting force.
You are the subject 303 and you have to complete a number of tests involving cubes, combinations, moving platforms and logical thinking.

Game style?

The game style is supposed to be very simplistic consisting of similar room of a very consistent style containing only a few various colours.


The game is supposed to release on Windows.


The game is supposed to be a demo game containing only 1 level with many chambers, it is going to be completely free.

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Welcome to the first development progress article, below you can see what i currently have completed and what i still have to complete.

What i have completed:

- I have all the functionality done in all 6 chambers
- Most of the mesh placement in chambers is done according to the simplicity and consistency of the chambers
- Most sound effects have been added
- Animations
- Half of the voice acting is done (by Dustin Darr)
- Menu functionality has been done as well and the Flash side of it

What i yet have to complete?

- Full voice acting
- Main Menu
- Visual enhancement
- Hallways between the chambers
- Add all of the sound effects
- Add a pause menu
- Bug fixes

I think i have covered most of the stuff but still there is quite a bit of work to do. The whole project was pretty much all made by myself except the voice acting. Current actual time worked on the game is around week and a half and judging by current progress it will be in playable state very soon so an alpha should be coming out.

Thanks for reading through the progress i will be updating it from time to time and something playable should be coming out shortly.


u should make a toy story fan game <3

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